Marijuana and chemotherapy go hand in hand. A few studies have found that cannabis treatments for cancer can be helpful for nausea and vomiting during cancer chemotherapy. Although it can be prescribed for CNIV its efficacy is still in question, and trial evidence is required to prove that.

In many countries like Canada and Australia, marijuana is legal as medicine and can be used for the recreational purpose as well. In the United States, the cannabis is yet to be legalized at the federal level, and it is only legal in selective states.

Medical use of cannibals in cancer patients

How does weed help cancer patients have recently been proved by many experiments; marijuana contains cannabinoids which could be used as a drug for cancer patients. Two most studied cannabinoids are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

They have different effects on patients as Dronabinol (THC) is ‘high,’ and it helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain, nausea and could also be used as an antioxidant. It also helps with weight loss and lack of appetite during chemotherapy

Whereas Nabilone (CBD) can reduce anxiety and paranoia and can help treat seizures. In Europe and Canada, a cannabinoid drug Nabiximols is being used as a mouth spray which is a combination of THC and CBD.

What does preclinical research suggest?

Doctors and scientists have conducted many experiments in recent years on tumor cell cultures and animal models of cancer. They have concluded that anti-tumor therapy and cannabinoids can produce better results when both approaches are combined together, so after the law was passed, so many people buy weed online in Canada for effective cancer treatment. Patients with cancer receive chemotherapy because this process targets the affected cells in the human body and stops their division and kills them. There are multiple approaches to deal with such situation but most common is to block the spreading, duplication and reorganization of the cell.


What does the research in humans say

So far, there are two human trials that have been conducted in this line, in the UK and Germany. The purpose of this human trial was to test the efficacy and safety of combined approaches of anti-tumor drug and cannabinoids. The full results of this trial have not been published yet but there are many indications pointing towards positive results. Cbd oil and chamois other area scientists are working on in few countries.



Though these drugs are really helpful during chemotherapy yet they do have side effects as well. The side effects include dizziness, fainting, low blood pressure and fast heart rate (THC) that could cause anxiety emotional illnesses, paranoia, or even hallucinations.

As Marijuana as a drug is not legal in many countries so just check the law of your country before using it. Talk to your doctor in detail about its effects and side effects and always have someone with you when you take it the first time.



The research is showing that cannabis has medicinal use in chemotherapy process for cancer patients, but we are still, perhaps, far away from making it completely legal and available. For instance, CBD oil and chemotherapy is one aspect where not many people have the knowledge, and it needs attention.