It is easy to imagine that children find fireworks scary. The bangs are often very loud and the flashes very shrill. And then it is also true that most fireworks are often set off at the same time, so that children can arrange extra. Fortunately, children’s fireworks exist! Children’s fireworks are also referred to as category F1 or joke and joke fireworks. Children’s fireworks have a playful and accessible character and allow children to get acquainted with the grown-up fireworks in a good way. Moreover, they can have a lot of fun with it! It is fun for children to watch and (under the supervision of their parents) to show off. Children’s fireworks are not only available at official fireworks sales points in and around Rotterdam, but also, for example, at the drugstore or supermarket around the corner. In addition, this type of fireworks is for sale all year round for children from 12 years! It is very important to wear firework glasses and to read carefully how children’s fireworks work. And of course it should not cause any destruction.


It is important that children know how to use the fireworks. Pop peas

for example, should be thrown on the ground while other products such as ground flowers and screaming kitchen maids should be lit. Noise protection is not necessary when setting off children’s fireworks because the children’s fireworks do not pop as hard as normal fireworks. For safety reasons it is very important to use a lighter wick and not a lighter. Always inform your children well before lighting the children’s fireworks.

Nothing is more fun than setting off fireworks with your child in Rotterdam, the most beautiful city in the country. Together on the Erasmus Bridge or just in the neighborhood, lighting children’s fireworks is fun everywhere in the city. In short, children’s fireworks provide fireworks fun all year round and prepare children for the real thing! (known from fireworks Rotterdam) has been providing children’s fireworks in Rotterdam and the surrounding area for years.