When choosing the tool with which to create your registration form, opt for one that not only allows you to create and manage the fields to collect the data you want with different question formats, but also allows you to integrate the form in the own ticket purchase or registration process. The software in question must allow you to create registration forms that adapt to your needs and the characteristics of your event, you can also make form with our help form builder. Make sure that only you are going to use the collected data; After all they are your customers!

Also check that the form creation process is quick and easy and that you don’t have to be a computer genius to use the software. It is important that the online registration system has all the functionalities that allow you to create the ideal registration form for your event, integrate it perfectly and the subsequent proper management of all those registered.

Simplify and Streamline Enrollment

Choosing an online registration system or another will also mean having a simple or complicated registration process for the attendee. The chosen tool must allow you to access the enrollment process easily and quickly and easily share the link through which to enroll. If in addition this link redirects to your website, exclusive microsite of your event or your Facebook page to make 100% of the registration directly there, much better! In this way, if you send a mailing to potential attendees, you can provide them with the link to the registration page, in the same way that you can make a good campaign on social networks.

Once inside the purchase process, make sure that the steps to follow are intuitive and easy to complete. Regarding the data collection form, write the questions very clearly, without ambiguities or doubts about the type of response expected.

If during the purchase of the place, the remaining steps are indicated to finalize the process, the buyer will be reassured and will appreciate knowing the remaining time. You can include a countdown with the maximum time to complete the process, which will speed up the registration and give the attendee an idea of ​​the time it takes.

To speed up the process even further, you can, for some questions, preselect a default answer or configure as optional certain data that is not essential for you, so as not to block the registration. The less cumbersome the process, the better chance the wizard will complete the registration!

The chosen registration tool will also have to send an automatic confirmation e-mail to the buyer, once the process is complete.

Encourage Early Enrollment

The earlier the attendees register, the better for everyone, so it is convenient to lay the foundations for them to do so. Different actions can be carried out to promote registrations as soon as possible: one of them is to make the number of remaining places appear in the ticket or registration module. This technique creates in the audience a feeling of scarcity that invites them to get their place as soon as possible. The fewer seats available, the higher the registration rate!

 Collect Relevant Data

As attendees register, if you have integrated a good registration form in the process, you will collect data that will be very useful to organize your event and even more so if your intention is that the current edition is not the last!

Therefore, it is important that you think carefully about what information you want to collect, but without going over the top! The questions have to be appropriate and relevant. Do not ask for more information on a whim.

In addition, as we have already commented, the questions must be concise and precise. The formulation has to be as clear as possible so that you do not raise doubts about what answer you are looking for. You can organize them by theme and even establish a different form for each type of assistant, depending on the rate.

Provide all Information on the Same Site

Attendees must be able to register in an easy and comfortable way. Therefore, the registration process and important information about the event must be available on the same site, either on your own website, on a microsite or on Facebook.

General information about the organization must be easily accessible, which will build trust. In addition, practical information about the event such as dates, address (it may be a good idea to integrate Google Maps), a short presentation of the event itself and other information that may be useful to the attendee should be as visible as possible.

The easier it is to access all this information, the more chances that the assistant will be encouraged to formalize their registration and not delay the decision.

Do not Leave the Universe of your Event

The registration form has to be merged with your event so that the experience and the contact of the attendee with it are of total immersion from the first moment. This falls especially on the visual environment: the registration form and the entire purchase process must be able to be integrated into your own website or microsite so that the assistant does not have to leave the universe that you have created for him at any time. This sounds complicated, but sometimes the visual universe of your event can mean something as simple as a game of colors: for the background, the buttons, the texts, etc.

You also have to take care of the way you pose the questions to collect the data, so that they take back the voice of your event.

There are several elements to consider when creating an ideal registration form. Choose the right tool and everything will go smoothly. Of course, don’t forget to think about what the process will be like for attendees and not just the data you would like to collect!