Inbound lead qualification is the process that helps businesses to assess the potential of lead’s purchasing behavior. This evaluation lets your business to understand the user-buying behavior, such as the interest in and ability to buy your product.

Every new lead gets through this validation process to be qualified or disqualified. With the help of lead qualification, it becomes easier for the businesses to bifurcate potential customers from the fake ones, and the sales team can invest their time only on the prospects who are interested to buy your services.

Let’s talk about 5 lead qualification tactics that should be on your checklist, with this post ahead.

Assess persona qualification

To identify a great lead is a daunting task, but following user persona qualification, can ease down the process. This persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. Marketing and sales team can create a series of questions to assess their suitability and somebody who shares similar goals as your sales. When you get this information, you can easily file them under a persona to check whether they are suitable for your sales goal or not.

Integrate progressive profiling

It is hard to monitor the buyer’s journey, when he/she lands onto your website, as everyone has different needs. Here, with the help of progressive profiling, you can filter the qualified leads. You simply need to utilize smart content and smart lead forms, that can help your audience to answer them, and based on it, you can make the right decision. You can identify them with the way they would fill up irrelevant details on forms. When you decide to use a lead sign-up form, then you must ensure to ask only the relevant questions and avoid unnecessary questions. Because too many questions can also put-off qualified lead to leave the purchase in between.

Score leads

To decide whether you have got the good or bad leads, you must practice the ‘BANTER,’ within the strategy box of inbound lead qualification services. It helps your leads to break down into BANTER breaks down a lead into scorable qualities.

Budget – check if the buyer has the purchasing potential or budget to purchase.

Authority– Who is the final decision maker, how many steps are there to make the final purchase. If there are more people to make a decision, harder it will be to make sales.

Need – Understand whether your buyer is actually in need to buy your services.

Timing – How faster your lead is looking for your product or service?

Engagement – Lead engagement is most important, you need to o=understand the source and way to engage it further.

Reactionary events – Why lead is looking for your services, what made them drive towards your product.

Include FAQs section

It has been observed that every user has some different expectations from your services, and trying to answer their questions through the FAQ section on your page, can really help you access to qualified leads only.

Provide a price point

It becomes easier for your business to run its function if you allow your visitors to get what they are looking for. And among all the information related to pricing is most important. When you reflect on your services, then keep a space where they can check your pricing or a ballpark figure. It will help them to reach you only if your pricing suits their budget, and become a qualified lead solution.

Are you ready to qualify some leads?

The process of qualifying leads helps you save time, and experience a higher rate of conversion, more revenue. Get in touch with one of the best inbound lead qualification companies, and help your sales funnel go stronger.