How To Choose The Best Luggage For Travel

In the current times of chic and classic design, it’s hard to choose which types of luggage fit your style and needs. Should you go with leather or is canvas a better choice? Do you choose the nesting set of luggage from the supermarket or the high-end Leather types available? Is it something you want to have for a lifetime or maybe just for a few trips? In my experience, most people keep luggage until it wears out and having the right luggage can make all the difference in the success of your trip.

So here are a few things to consider when choosing the best luggage for travel or luggage shipping.

Size; if you plan to travel in confined spaces like a train or boat. Your luggage has to be an ideal size. Think about this, too, if you plan to rent a car at your destination or share a cab/taxi.

The weight; of an empty suitcase can be deceptive. That piece that was so easy to lift in the store might weigh as much 5.8kg before you even start to pack. Find the lightest bag that suits your needs.

Structure: Some bags open on or across the top. These are easier to open and use on a luggage rack in a hotel. Others open in the middle, with divided pockets that zip closed. This can make it easier to organize the contents of the bag, but they need more space to open unless you remove the contents from the top part first.

Interior space; is a matter of preference. While someone might want a large empty space to fill, you might prefer separate compartments and pockets, inside and out.

Capacity; can be different in the same sized bags. Look at how the bag is designed. Thick sides, a rounded end, or a false bottom to cover up the supporting structure will definitely limit the number of clothes and supplies you can fit into the luggage.

Durability; is very important when using common carriers, especially when flying overseas. Baggage handlers hurryingly toss luggage from one place to the other and luggage can land hard breaking fragile contents or wheels.

Reliable zippers and closures are essential. These can also break under the weight of heaps of luggage while in transit.

Maneuverability: verify if a bag on wheels swivels easily when it is fully loaded.

Appearance; should reflect your personal style. Many people like their entire luggage pieces to match so they may want to examine the whole collection before buying the first piece.

Versatility: Garment bags might be suitable for business trips, but would you want one for your next cruise? Think of the many ways you hope or plan to travel and think about whether you can use the same bag for more than one trip.

Price; you can get good quality luggage without spending a fortune, but try not to skimp.

Now that you have some ideas about choosing the best carry-on luggage why not check out delsey luggage reviews for more information on the very best luggages because with the right choices, your luggage can serve you well, go with you anywhere you carry it to and last for years.


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