People often have numerous home improvement projects available to carry out. All these projects do need different kinds of tools. Among the common projects, you may need to do often is tile installation or replacement. Tiles are delicate and if you happen to have young children around, you will find that they will often get some tiles broken as a result of dropping heavy objects on them. So if you want to do a home project a wet tile saw is an important tool to have when you are dealing with tile replacement.

Water is used to keep the wet tile saw and the tile at cool temperatures. The lubrication system is important because it will reduce the risk of getting the tile fractured.

Here Are Some The Important Factors To Consider When Selecting A Suitable Saw.

Select the blade size that will suit you best. In general, you can get a wet tile saw with a blade of 4.5 inches while there are others that have blades of 10 inches. A small blade is not suitable since it lowers your efficiency. Choose a wide blade since it will allow you to cut many tiles quickly. The standard diameter used in most home improvement saws is 7 inches.

Select the RPM (rotations per minute) of the saw. Different machines are fitted with different kinds of motors that have different rotational power. A wet tile saw that has a high rotating power will be more effective because it can cut tiles at higher speed. In addition, it is sold at a higher cost. Most of the saws vary from 3400 to 5400 rpm. A 3600 RPM saw is mostly suitable for most of the home improvement requirements.

Depending on the kind of tiles you will be dealing with, choose a wet tile saw that will be efficient. It is important for you to understand the horsepower rating will greatly affect the torque and blade speed. There are some machines that use 1/3 horsepower but for stronger tiles, ½ horsepower will do better.

You should also select a wet tile saw that can make different kinds of cuts. The common cuts are mitered and beveled. Different kinds of cuts are achieved by using a detachable adjustment lever. You can set this level to control the saw to make different angled cuts when you want them for special projects.

Lastly, consider the warranty of your wet tile saw. There are some manufacturers who will allow you an allowance of I year while others will allow you 5 years. The more duration you are allowed, the better protection you have.

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