With change in time, internet is also changing and the midpoint of internet is domain name. Yes a domain name and everything revolves under it. It’s a thing that can change, make or break your reputation. So our search starts here to find a right domain name for a business


But a bigger question remains there, how can we find a good domain name when almost everything is already registered. It’s very very hard to find a name for your business on internet as more than 330 million domains are already registered and with each passing day, the numbers keep growing.

So we are only left with three choices.

  1. Spend tens of thousands of dollars on a domain name which is available in a marketplace like DnBucket, sedo or flippa


  1. Register a crappy domain name for your business and live with this nameall your life.


  1. Brainstorm a domain name. This is what i recomend to all my customers


Now a question arises, how to brainstorm a domain name ?


From my experience when i started brainstorming domain name for my project, every name I brainstormed or created was already registered. So Iwasted my lot of time. For 7 days I kept brainstorming but every domain name was already taken. It was not that I was brainstorming only very high quality ” keywords ” like ” internet, shop, discount “. I was mixing keywords and still long keyword domains were not available.


Then after a lot of research i came up with an idea to brainstorm a domain name through free tool available on internet. So i came across many domain name generators out of which i liked Free domain suggestion tool for startup namely Domainglo.


How it helped me?

I just put a keyword in search box and it came with a lot of names (available in the market) with different extension. So i got a choice to find a right domain name especially available one. Huh !


The second part of this tool was most important, when first part was mixing keywords. Second part provides a Brandable domains names available on internet. E.g.: If i was searching for comfortable. First part gave me an idea like comfortablemart while as second one provided me a domain name Qomfo.


Third part was also important as it provides suggestion how your keyword sounds like, Rhymes with and random suggestions.


It took me just 10 minutes to find my right domain name but still i used it for more than 15 minutes to be sure that i found a right business name.

So I would always suggest to use domain name generator while brainstorming.