Because when it comes to accessorizing for a special occasion, men usually don’t have many options, cufflinks represent the most common choice. These small but chic accessories that became a part of men’s everyday attire can add a lot of style and personality to any outfit.

Nowadays, on the market we have a wide variety of superbly crafted cufflinks that come with unique designs, different textures and colors. In general cufflinks represent a very important part of fashion, considering the fact that they give confidence and refinement when worn.

If you don’t know how to use cufflinks there are a few simple rules you should follow for a stunning appearance.

The most important aspect is that you can’t put on cufflinks with just any men’s clothing. First of all, make sure that you opt for the right dress shirt (double cuff shirts). Secondly, before choosing the right pair, you must be very careful so that your cufflinks will match the rest of your outfit. The color should match at least one of the following: the color of your shirt, tie or bow, pants or jacket, belt, shoes or anything else you might wear. Also, if you choose to wear cufflinks while wearing other accessories, you should make them go together.

The material of the cufflink is also very important because is the primary determinant of its formality. Normally, stylish cufflinks in classic designs made from gold or silver or those made from precious stones are perfect for any formal, sophisticated occasion, while those made from titanium or glass are great for everyday wear and can be worn to the office or even on black tie events. Those made from silk are reserved for informal occasions.

If you want to add instant style and substance to your outfit and have a classy and polished look you should choose a pair of cufflinks with a simple design and avoid those ones that are overly ornate. Some cufflinks can be disturbing, attracting too much attention and taking away from the overall outfit. Less is always more!

Wear your cufflinks with style!