Do you want to write an essay without compromising on quality? For students, it is too complicated to write essays until or unless they have not been provided with a clear topic. Sometimes the teacher asks his students to choose the topics themselves, and this is where their confusion starts from. Writing an essay is not enough; you need to learn how to select the right kind of topic and what type of content needs to be covered in your essay. Some of the tips are mentioned below.


Focus on a moment

Are you looking for writing topics or essays? The very first thing you need to do is focus on the moment. Maybe, your teacher has not provided you with clear instructions because he/she wants you to think out of the box and use your own capabilities. If you have been given a chance to select your own topic, then the first thing you should do is see around and choose a topic that you are most comfortable with.


Consult the syllabus

If it is impossible for you to use your mental capabilities or you are not a creative-minded person, then you can choose a research topic by consulting your syllabus. The chance is that you will get a good idea from that. For example, for an English topic, you can check which poems are part of your syllabus or what types of essays have been written so far. There must be a lot of things to take inspiration from. Similarly, for a science-related essay, you can check which chapters or topics are covered so far, and what is left behind. Based on that, it will be easy for you to find an interesting and useful topic to write about. Our courses and books cover a lot of things at a time, and there is so much to learn from them. You can easily choose a topic of desire, but make sure your teacher approves it before you start writing.


Delve deeper using the encyclopedia

It is one of the major and most comprehensive essay steps. You can delve deeper with the help of encyclopedias and writing services like Wikipedia is a good source of information. Every day, hundreds to thousands of pages are published on it and other encyclopedias for users to seek knowledge from. It won’t be difficult for you to select a topic from that relevant to your syllabus or subject material.


Be genuine

One of the major mistakes students make is that you copy the ideas of other students; sometimes their topics, as well as essays, are copied, which is indeed a big threat to their success. It is important for you to be genuine while selecting the topic and writing an essay. It is a common observation that students outsource their work and get papers submitted to the teacher without even checking it. Writers or companies who have taken the responsibility of your project might take the idea from the internet and copy content from different web pages, followed by submitting you the same low-quality stuff. You will end up getting no success in the exams with this tactic. To avoid all these problems, you must be genuine. It is okay to seek the help of your teacher or seniors in this regard, but it is not good to use the same topic exactly that was covered by one of your seniors.


Make a plan

When you choose a topic and have problems with the essay writing process, you can make a plan to avoid such issues. Outlines aim to give you an idea of what needs to be covered in an essay. The teacher often requires a plan or outline, and it is a good way to speak of your mind or inform the teacher about your writing plan. Include as much information in the outline or paper plan as possible. If you want to impress your teacher, it would be great to insert some references in this section.


Look for patterns or areas of interest

For a quality essay, you must look for patterns or areas of interest, and do not write anything you are not comfortable or are not interested in. For example, if you have no interest in writing a poem analysis, you should not do that because the chances of getting failed will be high. Alternatively, you can select a topic that is up to your mental capabilities and is easy to write.


Narrow your list down to three potential topics

Ideally, you can make a list of topics and include ten to twenty topics you may like to write about. But this is not the end of the story; you would have to narrow the list to three to four potential topics. For an English poem analysis, for instance, you can select up to ten poems and then narrow the list down to three poems only. Get one poem approved by your teacher and begin analyzing it.


Don’t be wary of using online sources

You must use online sources like for selecting the topic of desire. There should be no hesitation in this regard because the internet has loads of topics you may be interested in. While doing so, make sure the topic you select is up to the mark and relevant to your subject. There is no need to choose a topic which has nothing to do with your study materials or courses.


Determine which topics have the most sources to write from

An essay cannot be completed without inserting proper references. You should determine which topics have the most number of sources: books, journals, and other materials. Based on that, you can easily select the topic and start writing a quality essay. If you are not clear with the topic or sources available for it, you may never achieve success as a student.



These things are easy to remember and guarantee success in a long run. You need to use your mind, surf the internet, find relevant sources, prepare a plan, get the topic approved by the teacher, begin writing, and be ready to submit a quality paper to the teacher that guarantees great marks.