A combination of the right sauna with right heater is the perfect choice to enjoy the warmth in winter. Market these days is loaded with a wide range of sauna heaters, so buyers find it little difficult to choose the right one for their home. Well! If you are facing similar kind of difficulty, it is good to check the expert tips on how to choose sauna heaters that are listed below:


  1. Look for the standard unit:

The very first thing you need to check is the product meets the standard feature range. Prefer to look for 8kw, 6kw or 4.5kw models as they are most reliable for routine needs. The best sauna heaters are designed with a delay timer so that you can match your sauna timings easily to your schedule to ensure full convenience.

  1. User-friendly design:

Experts recommend investing on a heater that can be mounted directly on the wall. Best heaters have their controls on topside that allow easy access to the user. You can also look for a variety of designs that can meet your interior décor while improving the overall impression.

  1. Higher industrial strength:

Before you buy a sauna heater, it is important to determine where you want to install it. If it is required for home, you can invest in small wattage ranging between 4.5 to 8kw whereas, for resorts, hotels and fitness centers, it is advised to invest on the unit having higher industrial strength. The best choice will be 10kw, 12.5kw and 15kw.

  1. Type of fuel and size:

Depending upon the sauna size, the heaters make use of different types of fuels to serve the premises. Freestanding heaters are the best choice for hotels and gyms whereas for smaller spaces such as apartments; it is good to invest in wall mounted heaters. Users can also think of making a selection between a wall mounted control panel and an inbuilt control panel.

  1. Source of steam:

In general, sauna heaters produce steam by heating up the rocks inside. The larger sauna has a larger chamber for water where water is heated constantly to maintain the steam level. However, the home sauna helps to detoxify your body with deep perspiration.

You can find a variety of sauna heater models in the market; some of the most popularly used are thermal power heaters, electric stoves, gas stoves and wooden stoves. You can pick any of these depending upon your need and budget range.