How to Choose a Wireless Peephole Camera

It is okay to admit that there are always people we are not ready to accommodate. This could be a persistent salesperson who keeps showing up at your door. Other people we are not comfortable with include familiar people such as a noisy neighbor who randomly shows up. An annoying relative who randomly shows up unannounced may be hard to turn away without appearing cruel.

We are all put in this position at times and need a way out. This is where peephole cameras come in handy and prove useful.

They can help you notice the intruder without their awareness. This gives you the time to make up your mind on whether you will choose to let them in or not.

This is one of the most secure techniques to keep your house safe as you may not know the harm that awaits on the other side of the door. Selecting the appropriate peephole is key so let us examine how to choose a wireless peephole camera.


The necessity

Door peephole cameras help replace your traditional peephole. Although they are tasked with the same role as their predecessors, the wireless versions offer more security than the standard peepholes on majority of our front doors.

The tiny view offered by peepholes is not only strenuous but also fails to give you a wide range of view. An intruder may easily hide from your line of sight but this is not the same case with digital peephole cameras. Traditional peepholes give a hard time to short people who cannot reach it as well as people using glasses who cannot get close enough to use it.

Finding a door peephole camera has been made easy with online sales such as on Amazon. There are also a variety of high definition cameras that can offer up to 720p images. They are easy to use compared to peepholes because everyone in the house can view the screen without much effort and movement.


Types of cameras

There are three main types of door peephole security camera systems available on Amazon. They include standalone, fixed, and detachable smart doorbell security camera systems.

Standalone cameras are the most popular. They come with an LCD display that will allow you to get a clear view of the person on the outside. These camera systems have no external wiring on the door for complete discretion.  Most importantly, they are completely undetectable by the person on the exterior. The monitor helps anyone in the house have a clear view of the visitor.

Fixed on door cameras are the smallest in size and are fixed directly onto the door. They also allow viewing from an external device helping to boost your surveillance standards.

The third type; detachable door cameras, are capable of providing the widest angles of view. They can also be viewed with or without an output device. They allow integration of other extendable display devices. They can be viewed from anywhere.

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What to look for before purchasing doorbell cameras

Things to Consider before choosing the most appropriate peephole camera mostly depends on your preferences. If however, you need one with ability to tilt and zoom for perfect view of people at your door, the detachable camera would be most essential.

There are many benefits that different people prioritize before making the choice to select a camera.


Picture quality

High definition digital pictures are now easily accessible thanks to advanced technology. Avoid blurry images because you may judge wrongly and let in a harmful stranger. Check the resolution to ensure that it is what you need. With cameras possessing up to 720p of clarity, do not spend your money on less quality cameras.



Many people easily forget to consider whether the camera will fit their doors. Ensure that first measure the thickness of your door before proceeding to shop for door cameras.


The screen size

The screen size of the monitor plays a vital role in revealing the clarity of the images. Larger screens provide ample viewing space especially compared to traditional peepholes. At least 2.5 inches should be enough for acceptable visibility to most people. Larger screens are better but come at a higher cost too than ordinary screen sizes.


Low light ability

You need a camera that will work equally during the night like during the day. This is one of the biggest advantages of a digital doorbell camera. Ensure that the product you purchase lets you get clear images of the person outside your door in the dead of night. Night vision infrared technology enables clear HD images at night time.


Battery life

Since digital peephole cameras are powered by batteries, you need to consistently check, recharge, or replace the batteries. This is perhaps the biggest issue with these devices. They require constant attention in terms of checking and replacing them.

Some of these products such as the low-light enabled cameras are known to drain their batteries faster than the rest.

Check the demands of a camera such as whether it requires recharging or whether there are battery-saving options.



Doorbell Peephole cameras are not only meant for paranoid people. An increasing number of regular people need peephole cameras to boost their security especially with an increase of the elderly who need constant watch, according to the tech review blog TechaLook. These cameras are vital tools not only against petty theft and burglary but also put your elderly parents safe from accidents.

Moreover, the fact that you have the door under surveillance gives you the confidence and peace of mind.

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