Choosing Conference Call Services

The 21st century has seen a drastic rise in remote workforce. This means that being able to communicate with employees around the country or abroad is vital. Hence, conference calling services are necessary as they help facilitate collaboration. Conference calls are the reason behind the success of businesses today.

Although, instant messaging, video chats and email continue to have their own place, conference calling remains as a primary communication tool in the work environment of today. When meetings in person are not possible, businesses turn towards conference call services to deal with communication and collaboration among employees.


What Do Conference Calls Do?

Conference calls enable professionals to keep in touch remotely over the phone and discuss all sorts of issues. Unlike video conference services which require special software and camera-equipped computers, the only thing that conference calls need is a telephone. Besides, placing a phone call is something that everyone already knows how to do. The thing about conference calling is that it eliminates any barriers to an effective and productive remote meeting.

This ultimate guide to choosing a conference call service provider is here to provide you with all the things that you need to know about conference call services. Just about everything is covered.



In order to determine the best conference calling service out there, it is a good idea to start by focusing on vendors that actually have a solid online reputation and whose services have been consistently ranked higher than other websites. The following criteria will help you decide the right conference call services provider.

  • International Access
  • Customer Support
  • Cost and Cost Structure
  • Mobile Apps
  • Integrations
  • Features
  • Call Recording
  • Call Controls
  • Type of Services: Operator-assisted, Reservation-less or both
  • Better Business Bureau Rating and Complaints


Types of Conference Call Services

When it comes to conference call services, there are two major types of conference calling services. These are operator-assisted and reservation-less. Even though, the two cover the same basic idea which is for allowing multiple people to hold on a conference call at a given time, they vary in the way they are used and the number of people that are supported.

Reservation-Less Service

This type of services enables one to host conference calls all day long 24/7. There is no need for advanced scheduling. The conference line would always be available. Every day conference calling uses this type of service and it can normally support anywhere from about 50 to even 1,000 callers at a given time. There are also a number of valuable tools which can be used such as online host controls and call recording.

 Operator-Assisted Service

If the business holds formal conference calls which require a personal touch, then it is possible to choose a provider that provides operator-assisted services when needed. With this type of service, companies get to take advantage of a dedicated representative who would provide support and help one plan the meeting in advance by sending out invites to everyone and ensuring that the itinerary of the call actually makes sense. Callers would be greeted by the representative during the call and their contact information would be gathered, along with managing the speakers as well as question and answer sessions. After the call has ended, the representative would provide the participant list and a transcription and recording of the call.


Cost of Conference Call Services

Typically, conference call services have two types of cost structures. Some might charge a flat monthly fee for unlimited use, while others may charge on a per-call basis.

The pay-as-you-go plans charge according to a per-minute basis for each caller. As for the reservation-less service, fees normally range anywhere from 2 to 10 pence a minute. Now, operator-assisted services tend to be more expensive as the per-minute fees charged range from 15 to 30 pence. Keep in mind that the per-minute fees are for each of the participants on the call.

For instance, a reservation-less call of 30 minutes that has eight callers, including an host would cost anywhere between 5 to about 25 pounds. As for the 30 minute operator-assisted calls that have 100 participants, it would cost about 450 to 900 pounds.

The unlimited monthly plans are normally offered with a reservation-less service. These plans allow you to host any length of meeting as much as you want. The unlimited monthly plans cost from 8 to 70 pounds a month. Most of the conference call providers offer various pricing plans which vary on the number of people that can join the call at a given time.

There can also be some extra fees depending on the service provider chosen. Some of the providers charge extra for services such as customized greetings, transcriptions, translations, and call recording.


Conference Call Service Features

When you choose a conference call service, you need to ensure that the service meets the needs of the business. Some of the most important features to look out for include as follows.

Caller Limits

Make sure to choose a service which can support the number of meeting participants of the business, whether it is a several hundred, 50, 10 or even 5.

Most of the reservation-less services allows several hundred callers to join the conversation. On the other hand, majority of the operator-assisted services are only able to handle about several thousand callers at a given time.

Call Controls

The host can manage the call from the phone dial pad with some of the services. While on the other hand, other services only allow the host to control their call using the online portal. Both of the options provide the host with the ability to mute callers, lock the call, start call recordings and end the call. Using the web controls allows you to see whoever is on the call.

Call Recording

Majority of the services provide you with the option to record each conference call. However, providers differ in just how the recordings would be played back. Some of the providers store the recordings on the cloud so as to ensure that anyone that has missed the meeting is able to listen to the recording online. Others can call in and access the recording over their phone. There are also providers which allow one to download the recordings so that these can be either emailed to others or played back. Some services even allow you to burn the recording to a CD.

Mobile App

There are also some conference call services which provide a mobile app for Android and iOS devices that enable scheduling, hosting and participating for conference calls from mobile devices.

International Access

When planning to host conference calls with participants who are located overseas, it is important to ensure that the conference call service provider selected allows for them to join in on the call easily. Local dial-in numbers in countries around the globe are offered by many services.

Calling Tools

There are two major calling tools which provide value. One is the call-me option which has the service call the participants when the meeting is about to begin. The other is a dial-out feature which enables one to put the conference on hold and add anyone to the meeting by directly calling them. This helps remove the burden of actually having to remember access numbers and the dial-in.


Some of the conference call services even integrate with calendar and email services. These integrations can be with Microsoft Outlook by simplifying the process of sending out meeting invites and scheduling conferences.

Online Meetings

Many of the conference services provide online meeting tools such as screen sharing and HD video streams. These tools provide one to see everyone that is present in the meeting and provide presentation visuals to be shown or to discuss certain documents which would be viewed by everyone.

Customer Support

One of the most important things to make sure of before choosing a call service provider is to make sure that the service provider is available for answering questions when needed. In addition to offering live chat support, email and phone support, some of the services even allow you to contact their operator in case you need help in the middle of the conference call.


Conference Call Providers UK: The Best Conference Call Services Platform

Conference Calls Provider UK is your best option for both business needs and for any other type of needs. The platform features service providers that offer robust services which cover just about everything that a business could possibly need. The services include the options for both operator-assisted and reservation-less services. This provides one with the freedom to host everyday meetings, along with large formal conferences whenever the need arises.

At a given time, the reservation-less system can easily support up to 500 callers. It is available for both pay-as-you-go and monthly pricing plans. The pay-as-you-go plans can cost you about 3 pence a minute per caller. The monthly plan on the other hand allows one to host as many calls as one wants each month for just a single flat fee. Prices range from 15 to 40 pounds a month or more depending on the chosen package. The number of people that are allowed to be on a call at once and the cloud storage space influence the cost of the plans.

About 6,000 participants for the calls can be handled by the operator-assisted service. The service is normally required for large formal conference calls. One has to access the operator that would help plan and run the call. They would also go over the itineraries, greet the callers, send out emails, and conduct question & answer sessions.

Conference Calls Provider UK showcases the best conference calling service providers that offer a wide range of options for valuable features such as web control, call recording, and dial out options and customizable greeting. In addition, the users will have complete access to HD video conference tools depending on the plan selected that allow face-to-face video calls. Screen sharing is also allowed when making presentations.


Feature All the Best Conference Call Service Providers

Conference Calls Provider UK is the ultimate platform where only the best conference call service providers are featured. One can easily go through the platform and learn more about the various call service providers to decide which company to choose.


Ratings are provided and the features supported by the conference call service providers so as to enable you to decide which company to choose depending on the needs of your company. You can select the ratings based on the size of your business. Whether you are running a small business, a medium-sized business or a large business, you will get only the best options tailored to the size of your business.


If you want to get insights about the conference call service provider, then you are in luck because Conference Calls Provider UK even posts reviews of all the conference call service providers. By going through the reviews, you will be better able to choose the right company.

A great thing about Conference Calls Provider UK is the fact that the reviews are genuine and everything that is posted is unbiased. This means that you get a non-prejudicial opinion of the service without having to conduct extensive research of the company and yet choosing the wrong one. Reviews are written by specialists in the field who have an extensive experience. This means that all of the services would be covered and you will easily notice what you need for your business.

Country Specific Providers

Conference Calls Provider UK is one of the premier platforms where you can see country specific providers. This feature is most useful for multinationals that run businesses across the globe or hire specialists that are located in different parts of the world. Besides, just the UK, you get to learn about conference call service providers from Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and China. Conference Calls Provider UK is just the platform one needs as it is extremely reliable.