Having only one other person in the room with you can actually be an advantage. You may have expected more “brains” in the room would mean you’d be bound to get away (most likely somebody in the room ought to have the option to figure out each code and tackle each riddle, right?), yet when you’re playing a escape room the capacity to escape the room isn’t generally what’s being tested. It’s about whether you can get out inside a specific measure of time. Playing with extra individuals for the most part means investing more energy tuning in to conclusions after every advancement in the game.

The more opposite you and your companion are, the better. Think yin and yang. In a perfect world you need to bring correlative abilities as opposed to comparable aptitudes to the room. For whatever length of time that you two can supply enough inventiveness and rationale to effectively circumvent, working with just a single other point of view should spare you important time.

You’ll see a side to your companion that you’ve never observed. At the point when it’s simply you two, covering how you handle weight isn’t generally a choice. You may go into the room thinking your accommodating companion won’t feel the time mash as much as you will, just to find the individual in question is progressively influenced by the clock’s inauspicious commencement.

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