With the peaking summer season at the corner, more people are opting for water-based sports and activities to spend a refreshing and cool time in the scorching heat. The demand for stand-up paddle boards (SUP) and especially Inflatable SUPs has doubled and tripled. In case you are planning to buy a SUP, following is a compiled guide for choosing the best suitable SUP boards.

Highlighting Characteristics of ISUP

Inflatable SUPs are comparatively easier to handle than other SUPs. This is because the inflammation time only takes a few minutes and deflates even more quickly. So, in all cases, you can carry the ISUP with you at all places because of the ease in inflation and deflation. You can easily wrap it up and carry it in your bag. The main characteristic to note while buying the ideal ISUP is that all SUPs whether inflatable or not should have some sort of fins, and these fins are the min support of the boards that make it perfect. Normally, there should be at least three fins on a SUP, but more fins make the boards more compatible for surfing in the water.

Another characteristic to note while buying an ISUP is to figure out the shape and size you prefer and would be suitable for you. There are various size options available and the prices vary depending on the shapes and sizes. You can also note the difference in quality and materials used for the ISUP, so always do research and then opt for the best option in your budget.


Choosing from the various types of ISUPs

The best ISUPs are the boards designed for beginners, because they are still learning and have the option of different types of stand-up paddling. Try to opt for minimalistic approach instead of an ISUP that offers only gentle paddling support and numerous fancy features; as it just sums up into a big amount of money with less compatibility in water.

  • Ideally, ISUPs should consist of a narrow tail edge and a wide nose area in order to support smooth riding and stable movement on water. More fins in Featuring more fins in your ISUP will give you advantage over the normal SUP boards because of lesser fins and harder surface material that the board is built of.
  • The more the are for ISUP board, the more the stability. You can even perform your yoga routine, and some ISUPs are specifically designed even from this purpose. So, if you are one of the yoga people, go for it.
  • Speed also matters when it comes to discussing the Inflatable SUP board. The ideal ISUP boards are smartly designed to cope with speed and are light in weight so they handle water easily.
  • One of the best inflatable SUP boards offer enough space to tackle the fishing gear for passionate people who like to fish. This does not have to involve any racing board or gear but only gentle paddling and stability.
  • Some inflatable SUP boards are specifically designed for kids. These are smaller than regular ISUP boards, are lighter in weight, and even consist of adjustable paddles so the kids can ride it easily without any hindrance.


Choosing ISUP boards according to Weight and Height

The bigger you are, the heavier your weight is and that is going to affect your performance as well as your balance when it comes to ISUP board. This is why choosing the compatible ISUP according to weight and height makes your ride more comfortable. Some SUPs measure up to twelve feet long, which provide the rider with greater and longer surface are on the water; hence the stability. However, in case you are a competitor or are in for an adventure, you need to opt for the smaller ISUP board. This helps you in taking sharp turns in the water as well as is compatible for surfing. It also helps you in catching up speed quickly, so in case you want to surf, opt for the smaller one.

Besides these factors, there also lies the making of the ISUP boards, the materials and the quality of it. For some ISUP boards, the manufacturer’s guidelines do not claim for it to be suitable for rough paddling or surfing, which is why it is important to check the guidelines while buying to avoid inconvenience in the future.

Generally, the idea is that small adults that weigh around 140 lbs or even lesser than that should opt for the ISUPs which are almost 9’’ in length. For people who are bulkier, and weigh up to 200 lbs, the ISUP boards should range from 10 to 11’5 feet. Kids do not fall into the category of small adults, and rather are categorized separately. For kids, inflatable SUPs should be of 5’’ to 6’’ in length.


Hardboard vs ISUP Boards

Many people become confused between the variety of options among SUP boards. But the recommended option is to go for the inflatable SUPs because of their versatility and stability in the water, as well as the convenience to carry them. Hardboards might become difficult to handle especially if you’re a beginner. Inflatable boards are very easily deflatable and can be rolled and carried along easily and quickly. This is one of the major factors that wins over a hardboard, because of their lack of flexibility and inconvenience to carry around. The ISUPs can even be rolled up or be used as a sleeping bag for travel enthusiasts. So, when comparing the two, ISUP wins over hardboard for its easy handling and flexibility.



Inflatable SUP boards can be labelled as the all rounder boards because of the wide variety of options you can use them for. They are suitable for yoga, fishing, surfing and just plain riding. The ISUPs are disciplined in their rides and have a smooth hold over water. Not only they are more convenient, but they are also more budget friendly than the hard SUP boards. The best and most advanced ISUP boards cost lesser and are more affordable than traditional hard bards.