Choosing the Right Web Hosting for your Website

The most vital decision needed to be made while establishing a website is that of web hosting. There are so many options existing with various services and a diverse range of packages which can often leave the users in a state of confusion while selecting the right web hosting service. Many business owners have finally started to understand the need of generating quality web content and the significance of developing a responsive website. And while choosing the best web hosting service, they ensure the safety and accessibility of their site all the time. However, some businessmen even neglect this process of selecting a consistent web hosting service.

 The right service would help boost your site for sure. Here are 5 tips highlighted to choose the right web hosting for your website as well as a comparison of HostGator vs. GoDaddy.


5 Tips to Choose the Right Web Hosting:

1.     Availability:

Availability is like a synonym, rather say, a technical term used for the reliability. Thus, what’s necessary is that your web host must be available at all times. This is in fact, a guarantee that your website would remain online without any server errors which could result in its failure or make the site appear offline for long periods of time.

A standard or 99.5% availability has been set by the industry which really means that your website would stay offline for more than 3 hours each month. Preferably, a service offering high availability which offers an uptime of 99.95% or greater is what you need.

This high availability of the web host helps build the reputation and trustworthiness of your website or business. The customers are ready to place their faith in your business and it guarantees that your site would make income and sustain the services you offer to the customers.

2.     Bandwidth Limits:

Bandwidth is basically the amount of data that can be sent from your server to the visitors’ browsers. When a person loads your page on their smartphone or PC, you’re using the bandwidth. Your bandwidth consumption will heavily depend on your website design in Mississauga. If your site has heavy content like huge media files such as videos, music, images etc., then you might consume a lot of bandwidth.

Some host providers set limits to the total bandwidth that can be used each month which is its bandwidth allocation. This may not be an issue for websites that don’t have many visitors but if your web traffic is growing or demanded, for instance, when a post on your site has been shared many times on social media, then you might have to go beyond your allocation.  In this case, either your host would prevent your website from presenting for the remaining bit of the month or you might be charged for the additional bandwidth you have consumed. This tell us about the importance of a web host that provides either unlimited bandwidth on smaller hosting packages and bandwidth allocations on bigger plans which are too large that it’s impossible you would go beyond them.  

3.     Disk Space Allocation

The disk space you require depends on your personal situation. For small businesses that run nothing more than just a website, then a huge disk space will not be needed. But the large enterprises that collect massive data and run heavy applications do need greater space for all the data and programs that are required to be stored.

Most web host servers have a limited disk space. Therefore, one needs to look for the server providing the disk space they require. Care must also be taken that your money is not wasted in buying space that you don’t need.

4.     24/7 Technical Support:

It can be quite technical to manage a website and sometimes you may encounter problems that are difficult to solve and you need your web host to solve them for you. Therefore, a web host providing 24/7 technical support is needed.

5.     Security:

With the passing day, the security of websites is becoming more essential than ever before. The choice of your web host service can make a huge difference to keep your website safe and secure. The web host must offer strong firewalls, invasion protection as well as monitoring to protect against malware. Additionally, it should be able to provide a backup service for easy restoration while your site has been taken offline.

HostGator vs. GoDaddy:

Among the greatest web hosting services include the HostGator and GoDaddy. These two have been rising over the internet for years since they offer reasonable, consistent services and they are very well-reputed. HostGator and GoDaddy are both brilliant providers and they are popular for different qualities. To compare the two, it is fair to say that HostGator offers a sturdier all-rounder service, whereas GoDaddy offers a better all-in-one capability.

·       HostGator Support vs GoDaddy Support:

The knowledge center provided by GoDaddy is easy to navigate and clearly presented. The service is widely and if one can’t locate the official certification for an issue, it has probably been decided elsewhere. Both offer 24/7 customer and technical support.

·       Performance, Features and Easy Usage:

Both these services are convenient to use and require low maintenance. They both also offer great uptime and can go as close as possible to being perfect. They both make use of cPanel. However, GoDaddy is often better for beginners.

Pros of HostGator:

  • Inexpensive, accessible plans
  • Email marketing
  • Uptime: 99.9%

Cons of HostGator:

  • They don’t offer free domain on signup

Pros of GoDaddy:

  • GoDaddy offers an All-in-one hosting experience , website development, and domain registration
  • Feature-rich
  • Uptime: 99.98%

Cons of GoDaddy:

  • They offer steeper rating than many of its opponents


You should now be aware from this article that what’s needed to be considered while make a decision for the right web host. Their service, support and technical aspects must all be taken under consideration.  Try to review about the various hosting services on social media to assist you with this decision.

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