Student’s Guide for the Best CFA Study Material

In this era, there are so many options of prep providers which keep increasing by each passing day that the students are often left in a state of complete bewilderment when it comes to choosing the best CFA study material. The stage where a student is supposed to make a choice of the best CFA® exam study material is the most vital decision he might need to make to make it through and become a successful Chartered Financial Analyst1. Numerous hours of studying are required. Therefore, it is essential that you know which learning style you need to adapt to for your CFA preparation. Here are highlighted the factors that need to be considered while choosing for the best CFA study material.

Tips for Choosing the Best Study Material for CFA:

1. References of Friends and Fellows:

There are so many people who give the CFA exams and clear them successfully. The first step you need to take is to speak with these people. Enquire them about the study material they used to prepare for CFA and how it was for them on the exam day. Many people who love to share their personal experiences.

2. Experience of the CFA® Prep Provider:

CFA prep notes as well as question banks are being produced for years by various prep providers whereas some are new to the market. A prep provider’s experience is essential for the students since it helps the students trust them for their materials are improved over the years to prove to be effective for CFA exam preparation. Have sound knowledge and understanding about the CFA Institute examination method follows only an experience worth of years. Students don’t prefer to seek guidance from new prep providers

3. Faculty Members with the CFA® License:

It shoulder be made sure that the writers of the study aid material really do hold the necessary CFA certification as well since there are many sellers who trust authors who haven’t appeared for the exams themselves. It is obviously preferable to be taught by instructors who have successfully steered through the exams themselves. One can’t rely on those who have failed the exams instead of mastering them.

4. Learning Methods:

Of course unproductive study methods do end up in failure of candidates. This usually happens because they shift back to their study practices back in university, such as making notes and casual reading. According to scientific studies, these types of methods have been stated as quite ineffective ways to gear up for the CFA examinations. A student must search for a prep provider who integrates the understandings from learning science into their procedure.

5. CFA® Practice for Questions:

To prepare for the CFA examinations, the key is to the accessibility of practice questions and examinations. According to science, practicing questions and exam pattern is among the most productive ways of studying. Therefore, the chosen prep provider must offer you a variety of questions for the sake of practice. These must be comprised in the online question banks and notes. Attention should also be paid to the amount of practice examinations provided.

6. CFA® Mock Exams:

Mock exams offer what’s called the interweaved learning by the scientists. It means testing oneself on all areas of the program instead of just one at a time. This is an effective way to study because it helps with the retention of a good amount of information. Students also require sufficient exposure to the exam pattern question practice, particularly at levels II and III, with essay formats and items set. These exams help the candidates to develop their exam technique in the time leading up to the exam date. One should choose a provider that gives four top quality practice exams at least, along with the CFA Institute’s mocks.

7. No Time to Waste:

Among the greatest challenges in the preparation for the CFA exam is to cover the volume of material efficiently. Many smart candidates fail just because they run short on time with their studies and therefore, they end up compromising on the question practice, which leads to terrible penalties on the test day. There are providers who don’t have the study materials ready at the beginning so one needs to look for those who are ready with all kinds of study material right after the results of pervious exams are out.

8. Classroom CFA® Education vs. Online Teaching:

There are candidates who prefer online courses for their preparation. This way they speed up practical understanding and make sure they stay on track with studies. If students have to keep up with their class, they need to be prepared properly to focus on practice examinations. On the other hand, some students are the most comfortable with the typical, structured classroom setting. Candidates need to decide what kind of classes they prefer and this, online classes or the classroom ones, and then make a decision about the prep provider they choose.

9. Bulk of CFA® Candidates:

By considering the amount of students that come to a particular prep provider would give us sufficient information about how good the provider really is. The more the candidates, the more the feedback available for the CFA prep provider to progress and improve their study products. Besides, some providers also permit one to compare their mock exam results online to those who have taken it before. With a greater number of candidates, a more precise comparison can be drawn.

10. CFA® Study Materials Available in Hard Copt or Electronic Media:

There are various prep providers who offer their CFA study material only in an electronic format. What the students need to consider here is that whether they are ready to commit up to 300 hours of studying for the exam while staring only at the computer screen. Therefore, care must be taken that the provider offers the options of both forms of study material, be it hard copy or electronic materials so that candidates can decide on the blend which suits his study preferences.

Final Verdict:

Candidates can absolutely ace the CFA examinations confidently with laborious and energetic study of their official program along with a daily utilization of the additional guides, mock examinations as well as practice questions that can be provided by a suitable prep provider!


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