Clavon: The Best Residential Site For Prospective Buyers

In search of some good residential site? It’s quite possible for you to stumble across thugs who cater to a specific class of people. But worry not, for Clavon has the best packages for you. Setting itself different from other contemporaries, Clavon assures best service to all the developers and buyers.

When Was Clavon Founded?

Clavon is a brand-new project by two leading public-listed companies UOL Group Limited and United Industrial Cooperation (UIC). These two companies have made their mark in residential development niche over the years. By contracting many buyers and developers at the best rate, the two companies surely have a distinctive place in the market.

Clavon Condo:

Clavon Condo is a great initiative by Clavon which is soon to inaugurate. Clavon Condo caters to all sorts of clients who may have different conditions and expectations of their space. Clavon Condo has many different varieties of services and features. Firstly, it’s close to Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) which presents a bunch of different opportunities to the people from which they can benefit form . The apartments may vary depending upon your need and wants. But the best thing to note is that everything varies depending upon your choice. You can have one bedroom to five bedrooms in an apartment from prospective Clavon Condo.

UOL Group:

UOL group has been the top notch property fim of Singapore. The firm has been one of the best-rated property retailers in Singapore, having a reputed profile. With over 30 years of experience in the market, the UOL property group has been ruling the property business. Having built many amazing malls, office firms and buildings, the UOL group offers the best service to its clients like Avenue Residence, Clement Canopy and many more as time passes.

UIC Cooperation:

UIC group was found in 1963 but eventually began to work in 1971. The company too has made a good name in this field. The company has the feather in cap after it acquired the Singapore Land Limited in 1990.  The UIC Cooperation has worked in several different companies like China, Malaysia etc.

The Location of Clavon:

The location, usually is a huge concern for people as it isn’t easy to have enough resources to travel to distant places. But, UIC has put us at ease by giving us numerous work opportunities . The Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) is located pretty close to Clavon. Different work places like Mediapolis and Jurong Innovation District is located close to Clavon which you can access by some public transport. The location is just perfect, as you’ll still have access to daily stuff.

The schools near to Clavon are also pretty awesome. This means that you won’t have to send your kids to far off places at all. The Nan Hua Primary School, Clementi Primary School and many more in the list can be perfect options for people to benefit from. The basic provision of facilities is what Clavon assures to all its clients. No compromise on quality no matter what the deal is. There are other tertiary organization as well which may teach older kids like National University (NUS),National High School of Science and Mathematics, etc.

Transport Facilities:

As the public transport facilities might just not be enough and you many need additional facilities to go for, the authority of Clavon is coming up with spectacular different facilities for people they cater. Jurong Regional Line, High Speed Rail are two up-and-coming projects by Clavon to facilitate all the people regarding public transportation by offering to them, cheaper and faster transport services.

Recreational Activities:

In Clavon, it is expected that soon people will have access to many different vacation and sight-seeing spots to enjoy themselves. Rejuvenation and keeping in view the interest of all the clients is an extremely important job. And Clavon takes care of that very well. The purpose of the ownership of different transport facilities is to provide all the people access to every place in Singapore with utmost ease and low cost.


Clementi is the estate area in Singapore which has many amenities for people who sign up. Clementi hosts all sorts of recreational activities and has all sorts of opportunities for people. As an affiliation of UOL and UIC, it’s pretty safe to expect the best quality of service with Clavon. Clavon is their new project, which is a condo. All the condo projects here have so far been pretty successful and worked pretty well. The response by developers has been amazing. So this new project is highly anticipated due to the amazing environment and facilities which will come along with the package. With many upcoming facilities, we can hope for a better and brighter ambience in Clementi’s condo, Clavon.


The facilities which will be provided are really good. As an individual, we all need to get all sorts of basic needs catered to us. And Clavon, the new condo project of Clementi will look after that. There are several different educational institutes provided by the estate. The quality of education is good. You’ll be able to get through most of your needs. Healthcare, another really important thing is taken care of. There are hundreds of different places like health clinics, hospitals etc. to ensure the safety of everyone around. There are several parks as well which you can check out. So not only are the basic needs covered, but one gets the due rejuvenation and enjoyment at the same time.

How To Reach Out?

If you’re interested, make sure you reach out in time. The developers who show interest early enough will be offered discount. The pricing is in the deliberation phase right now. But make sure, you reach out in time and get best offers.

Due to the current situation, you won’t be catered without an appointment. Head over to the website for appointment or give a call at the number mentioned on the website. The units get taken pretty quick. So make sure that you get yours.