As a personal injury lawyer you obviously want to know how many personal injury files are received through the website. This is possible with a website counter. But what exactly is personal injury and as a result of which personal injury claims arise? And if you suffer personal injury as a result of an accident,  from who can you claim the damage? How do you find a personal injury attorney in Brooklyn to help you?

What is personal injury

Personal injury is the damage suffered after an accident, for example a traffic accident or an accident at work. But personal injury can also be caused by a dog bite caused by a fall over an upright sidewalk tile. These are just a few examples of damage events where personal injury can be sustained.

Personal injury consists of 2 parts, material damage and immaterial damage. Material damage can include medical costs incurred, for example for the physiotherapist. However, damage due to disability or costs for care and nursing are also eligible for compensation. The only condition is that someone can be held liable. Or that there is a SVI insurance (in Dutch: SVI- verzekering) from which the personal injury can be claimed.

Compensation claim is a compensation for the pain complaints suffered by the accident. In addition, it is compensation for grief, scars and psychological complaints, for example as a result of fear of traffic after a traffic accident.

Types of injuries

One of the most common injuries is a whiplash (in Dutch: whiplash). In this case, the head is thrown forwards and then backwards again as a result of a chain collision. The result is neck complaints, which unfortunately can last for a very long time. Sometimes neck complaints with whiplash never go away! We then speak of a chronic whiplash. Unfortunately, it often happens that people have permanent complaints from whiplash.

In addition to whiplash, many other injuries can occur after an accident. For example, fractures and brain injuries are common after road accidents. And after falling from a staircase during work, a spinal cord injury can arise

Claiming personal injury

Whatever happened and whatever injury was caused, with a liable party or a Passenger damage insurance (svi insurance) you are entitled to compensation for personal injury. The liable party must be held liable for any personal injury claims. This is done by means of a liability claim.

Is there a traffic accident and is there a SVI insurance? Then this insurance can be used. The personal injury can then be claimed without being held liable.

Counting personal injury cases on the website is useful

Every personal injury lawyer nowadays has a website. However, it is often not clear how much traffic is now coming to the website and you would like to know how many personal injury victims come to the website for personal injury advice or the claim of personal injury.

A website counter can be used to chart how many people visit the website. This is useful so that the importance of the website for a law firm can be mapped out.