Cleaning Your Vape Coils: How to Do It – And Why You Should Bother

If you use a vaping device with a refillable tank, you already know how important maintenance is if you want to have the best possible experience. You perform basic maintenance on your tank and mod, such as rinsing your tank out when you replace the coil and cleaning out the 510 threading with a cotton swab to maintain a good electrical connection between the mod and the tank.

When it comes to your coils, though, you probably don’t perform any maintenance at all. It’s more likely that you simply use the coils until they start to taste burned, and then you throw them away. Why is that? If vape coil maintenance isn’t a regular part of your routine, it’s probably for one of three reasons.

  • You’ve tried cleaning your vape coils before, and you decided that it was too much work.
  • You’ve tried cleaning your vape coils and weren’t happy with the results.
  • It’s never occurred to you to try cleaning your vape coils because no one you know is doing it.

This article will explain why vape coil cleaning should be a key part of your vaping routine. We’ll explain how to clean your coils, and we’ll also describe a great new tool that cuts the work involved in cleaning your vape coils down to almost nothing. First, though, we’ll explain why cleaning your coils can be so beneficial.

What Are the Benefits of Cleaning Your Vape Coils?

First, let’s discuss why vape coil cleaning is something that should be part of your routine. Coil gunk is the reason why your coils get dark and start to taste burned after a couple of days. The sweeteners, flavors and other additives in e-liquid leave residue behind in the form of a dark coating on your atomizer coil. Sucralose – the artificial sweetener that makes e-liquid taste almost as sweet as candy – is the worst offender. It can create a dark, thick layer of gunk on a vape coil in just a day or two of heavy vaping – and once your coil reaches that point, the flavor it produces is pretty awful. At that point, you throw your coil away.

The thing about coil gunk, though, is that having a gunky coil doesn’t mean that the coil itself is ruined. As long as your coil doesn’t have a burned wick – there’s no fix for that apart from replacing the wick – it’s still a perfectly good coil; it’s just dirty. If you can clean away the gunk, you can reuse the coil. That’s the main benefit of cleaning your vape coils; it allows you to reuse the same coils several times instead of throwing them away as soon as they start to become gunky.

If you use a powerful vape tank and your e-liquid flavor preferences tend toward the sweeter side, you probably replace your vape coils every couple of days – and if that’s the case, you probably spend more on coils than you do on e-liquid. Cleaning and reusing your coils can help you save a tremendous amount of money.

It’s also wise to clean your new coils before you begin using them. Out of the box, it’s common for new coils to have some trace machine oils and other residue left over from the manufacturing process. When people talk about “breaking in” a new coil, what they’re really doing is essentially using e-liquid to clean away the machine residue until the flavor of the coil begins to improve. It’s a far better strategy to clean your new coils before using them. There’s no break-in period if your coil is pre-cleaned – and no need to inhale manufacturing residue.

How to Clean Your Vape Coils: The Easy Method

So, how do you clean your vape coils? The easiest way is to just buy the ROBO2020 automatic vape coil cleaner and be done with it. At $59.95, ROBO2020 costs about as much as a few boxes of coils – and once you’ve used it to clean and reuse a few boxes of coils, it will have paid for itself.

ROBO2020 is unbelievably simple, requiring only water to power through coil gunk or to remove machine residue from a new coil – and when it’s done, it also has an automatic dry setting. The entire process takes about 30 minutes.

If you prefer to clean your coils the hard way, though, here’s how to do it!

How to Clean Your Vape Coils: The Manual Method

To clean your vape coils the manual way, you need some dirty coils and a heat-proof bowl. Place your coils in the bowl and heat some water until it reaches a low boil. Pour the water over the coils and, with a spoon, give them a good stir. If your coils are very dirty, you may see some dark flecks floating to the top of the water almost immediately. That’s a good thing; those flecks are the gunk that’s robbing your coils of their flavor.

You can expect the coil cleaning process to take several hours when you do it manually. During that time, you’ll need to continue stirring the coils periodically to provide agitation. When the water in the bowl is cool, dump it out and refill the bowl with hot water.

After cleaning the coils, leave them out in the open to dry. Because water trapped in a vape coil can potentially cause a short circuit, you’ll want to let the coils dry for at least 24 hours before using them.

Why Do So Many Vapers Throw Their Coils Away Instead of Cleaning Them?

So, if cleaning your vape coils is such a good idea, why isn’t coil cleaning a major part of everyone’s routine? As you’ve probably surmised from reading the coil cleaning instructions above, most people decide that it’s simply too much work to babysit a bowl of coils all day, constantly swishing the coils around and refreshing the water – and if you don’t babysit the coils, you’re not going to get good results. With the advent of an affordable automatic coil cleaner like ROBO2020, though, it’s a safe bet that a lot more people are going to be cleaning their vape coils in the near future.