Running water in the house is undoubtedly one of the greatest blessings of modern civilization – even if one actually knew it already in ancient Rome. What a relief it brings when it comes to cooking and hygiene, we usually only notice when it does not work. If there is no more water coming out of the tap or a pipe is broken, we have to call the installer. If the drain is blocked, however, we can often help ourselves.

Pipe Cleaning in a Sink

Whether kitchen or bathroom, the drain pipe of a sink is normally easily accessible. Therefore it is not so difficult to screw it on. But don’t forget to turn off the water first, put on work clothes and lay out the floor with scraps of plaster and newspaper. Be sure to use a suitable drain pliers and provide a bucket to drain the water out of the pipe. The disassembled pipe section can be cleaned with a spiral and then reassembled.

If the Drain Is Not Accessible

For example, when it comes to the bathtub or toilet, it is less easy to get to the drain pipe. Even if you don’t have the right tools or skills, it is better to use softer products first. With a suction bell you create negative pressure in the pipe which loosens or dissolves the blockade. The blocking material may then be flushed away with clear water. If not, try a mechanical drain cleaner or pour vinegar or baking powder into the drain. Only if this does not dissolve the blockage should you use a chemical pipe cleaner.

Chemical Pipe Cleaners

Chemical pipe cleaners are commercially available and easy to use. Just like the household remedies vinegar and baking powder, they are poured into the pipe. Afterwards they are left to work for the time indicated on the package and then rinsed with fresh water. During the reaction time, however, stay as little as possible in the room and do not leave any food in it. Toxic fumes are produced. The pipe cleaner also attacks the pipes themselves.

Baking soda and vinegar

This is a simple and very effective method for which you only need two ingredients. All you need to do is mix 1/3 of a cup of soda purified from 1/3 of a cup of vinegar. Be careful – the mixed substances will start to react immediately, so quickly pour them into the drain. The sparkling mixture will help to remove any remaining hair, dirt and bath lotions. Leave the substances for at least an hour and then go for water to rinse the pipes.

Spring (spiral)

Coiled steel wire with a sharp tip, ended with a crank. It is inserted into a clogged pipe while turning the crank. When the wire reaches the blockage, it breaks it. Two people are needed to operate the spring – one inserts the wire into the pipe and the other screws it until it is unblocked. A spring is a good solution for deeper blockages. Springs of various lengths are available on the market, also in electric version.

If all these means do not help or if the sewer and not the pipe is blocked, you should turn to a professional for a professional drain cleaning. A sewer cleaner can determine exactly where the blockage is and safely use harder agents.

Source: Rohrreinigung Salzburg, DreiS