Many people claim that if one of their five senses are to be removed, they will choose the sense of smell. It is because they think that it has less importance. But as a matter of fact, every sense is important. A body will not be able to function well if one of the senses is missing. The sense of smell is important because it is another way of sensing if there is something dangerous happening around you like house burning. There will still be a huge missing if there will be no sense of smell. The appreciation for aroma and fragrance will be nothing if there is no sense of smell. You will miss a lot if you have no instrument to experience the fragrance of the perfume. To know more about perfume, fragrance 365 reviews over here will give you different choices of scent. Maximize your sense of smell while you still can.

Scent can make you remember some things from the past. You probably have a signature scent in the past but you had made a decision to choose a new one for a change. You have used this perfume of yours for years. Suddenly, you smelled again your signature scent from the past worn by another person and then you remember some memories from the past. Have you ever experienced that? If so, it is normal. That is one of the psychology of scents. It can make you remember things which can either be good or bad. If the memories you have is happy, then it is good, but if the memories are regretful and sad, then it is not good. The psychology os scent has the power to make you remember things that you already forgot. 


Through smell, you will know if it is safe or not. If the food is spoiled, you will know it through smelling which is safer to do because if you will taste the food, it can cause stomach ache or worse, diarrhea. The smell also represents an event. The scent of roasted turkey represents Thanksgiving for example. When you smell the roasted turkey, it reminds you of Thanksgiving. There are also scents that makes a person happy and make them feel sad.

Scents can also trigger emotions. There are scents that can make you feel calm and there are scents that can make you stressed out. That is why there are air fresheners on certain places so that people can get the vibe of the place. In spa places, they have calming scents so that people who go there will feel the full experience of relaxation. That is why scented candles became trendy nowadays. You put it in your room and now you get the vibe you want. 


There is a huge impact of smell in psychology. People can reminisce, determine whether it is safe or not and can trigger emotions through smell. Do not undervalue your sense of smell because it plays a huge role in your life more than you had expected.