There are common house cleaning mistakes that all of us end up doing at one point of time. But does that mean we should continue with the trend and keep making the mistakes that can be easily avoided? When we want to dwell in the cleanest house, it would help to pay heed to the follies and mend your ways. This should help you spruce up your abode in no time and enjoy living in a dream home.

Time-Wasting Cleaning Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Forgetting to empty your vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is a hardworking machine that gives you a clean space. According to Sarah Parker the owner of a Tucson maid service one of the biggest cleaning mistakes that most people do is to delay emptying the vacuum bag. Besides, you may find it a waste of time to clean out the brushes.

Sadly, procrastination will not help your cause, nor will it save you time later. The mess will continue to build up, and the machine might get clogged with all the debris and ultimately stop working.

It takes only two or three minutes of your time to empty the bin after every use. So why wait for the machine to break down and make cleaning even tougher? Surely, you can easily avoid cleaning mistake, right?

Spraying directly on the surface

This is one of the most common cleaning mistakes that people end up making when trying to clean up their homes. Do you often opt for spraying the cleaning solution directly onto the surface? Well, this trick might work on a few surfaces, but this is not always the right way to clean. Alternatively, this tactic uses more of the cleaning product and still does not give the best cleaning experience.

For example, the best way to clean electronic devices that come with a delicate surface is to spray the cleaning solution onto a microfiber cloth and then wipe it clean. Follow it with wiping the surface again with a dry cloth to remove any excess liquid. This surely helps to avoid cleaning mistakes.

Delaying tactics

By procrastinating and delaying the cleaning task, you are making a cleaning mistake. Delaying cleaning of any spills or stains will make your job tougher later. While the stains will dry up, collect more dust and make your space look dirty and unappealing, it might get challenging to clean it up. By cleaning any spills as you go will save time and effort later.

Washing windows in wrong direction

You might think what is wrong with window cleaning. Well, you might not realize that you are making a big cleaning mistake by choosing to make circular strokes in order to wipe clean windows.  In doing that, you will be leaving a lot of soap residue.

So what is the way to do it right?

Well, it’s as simple as making straight strokes. Clean the windows from top to the bottom instead of making circular moves. You can always use a squeegee for the final finish.

Additionally, another common cleaning mistake is to start with the job on a hot, sunny day. When the sun is shining over your head, it will dry up the detergent residues quickly, leaving you with stains and streaks on the glass. So when it comes to house cleaning, do the windows on an overcast or rainy day and you can easily avoid the cleaning mistake.


Using a dirty sponge

Seems like too many cleaning mistakes we all do, right? Another one on the list is using a dirty sponge or cloth. Do you remember the last time you cleaned the sponge? Well, just like everything else requires cleaning, even that sponge needs a good cleaning; else, it may quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Not to mention, it easily becomes stinky. Now imagine using the same sponge for cleaning purpose. Isn’t there a risk of contamination and germ spreading to whatever you clean with it?

Throw the dirty sponge in the dishwasher or simply let it sit in boiling water. it is even better to replace the sponge when it looks discolored.

Working in the wrong order

It is a big cleaning mistake to commit yourself to doing it all in one day. That means you are likely to start cleaning in the wrong order. The right way to clean up anything is to start from top to bottom. So it is a good idea to adopt the habit of cleaning in the right order.

You may want to start with dusting upper cabinets and then come down to surface and counter cleaning before moving to the floor. When you follow the right cleaning order, you won’t need to work twice on the same space.

Additionally, another cleaning mistake that most people make is using the vacuum cleaner in the wrong direction. Pushing the vacuum against a wall is harmful. It may damage the equipment too.

Using more products

You may be tempted to use more cleaning products in the hope to get faster results. But does that sound logical? When you tend to use more, you are merely wasting the product and spending double efforts on cleaning up the excess build up.

Never use too much of a cleaning solution than the recommended dosage to avoid any health scares or allergy triggers. Of course, you won’t want to spend more time on cleaning efforts.

Overlooking dust hotspots

Many people make the common mistake of ignoring the faucets, door knobs, electrical outlets, and light switches. These are dust hotspots and breeding ground of germs. Make it a point to clean up these spots regularly to avoid the cleaning mistake.