In recent years, the popularity of polishing floors of different materials, such as marble and cement, has grown. Next we are going to talk about the beauty of polished concrete, we are sure that its appearance, its resistance and its easy maintenance will enchant you.

Polished concrete characteristics

The polished, smooth and glossy concrete finish closely resembles the marble finish. However, the price difference is abysmal, in addition to the strength of the concrete is much greater and its maintenance is much cheaper and simpler. Polished concrete is more resistant to abrasives and effectively supports high traffic of people.


This material is suitable for kitchens, rooms and exteriors and its installation is quite fast. The floor is simply covered with a concrete mixture of at least 7 cm thick. It is easy to obtain different finishes by adding pigments with different textures and colors. As for finishes there is much to choose from: you can get the mirror, polished, opaque, and rusty, washed, and waxed, high-gloss diamond and stamped finishes.

Common problems

When installing concrete floors we suggest you to hire specialized services in this type of finish, since a bad installation can generate variations in the color of the floor as well as cracks and other imperfections. Defects can appear immediately or even in the long term, so we hope you can save yourself real headaches by hiring a good team.

Combine the polished concrete floor

Polished cement can be very combinable to obtain different styles, its color will allow you to develop industrial, minimalist and even Scandinavian styles with the use of other materials.

For example, if you want to get a rustic and cozy look, we recommend combining the floor with uncoated brick walls, and including wooden and metal furniture.

On the other hand you can get a more elegant appearance by combining the polished concrete floor with carpets and fabrics. It includes some plants to give a little more life to this Scandinavian style.

Polishing concrete floors

To clean the floor of polished concrete and eliminate imperfections, scratches or stains, sometimes it will be necessary to grind concrete with polishing machines. But in all other cases with a simple polish it will be more than enough.

The polishing of this material is quite simple, you simply need a professional polishing equipment and resins of increasingly thin thickness depending on the brightness you want to obtain.

Hire professionals

There are many companies that can polish and beautify your concrete floors, however we recommend you to hire Pro Concrete Contractors.  We are sure that it is the best thing you can do to improve the look of your concrete floors.

So you know, polished concrete floors are an ideal option for your home or office, they have a resistance that you will not find in other materials at quite affordable costs and floor polishing will be as easy as possible. We are convinced that you will love it.