Do you have to complete an essay writing project? Essay writing is not an easy task. While you are required to pay attention to the overall format of the essay, it is equally important to follow the essential guidelines and submit the essay on time.

When you are in college, you are bound to face the task of essay writing at one point or the other. Even when you are not adept at essay writing, it is expected out of you to submit a well-research, high-quality academic essay to ensure better grades. While writing academic essays helps in boosting your overall grades, they are helpful in enhancing your writing skills and how you tend to express your opinion over a specific essay topic. If you face difficulty in writing an academic essay, you can take professional essay service from a reliable provider.

As a college student, when you wish to make the most of the academic essay writing task given to you, it is imperative for you to avoid some of the common essay writing mistakes. While you cannot avoid writing an essay during your college curriculum, here are some of the common writing mistakes you should avoid while composing a rich academic essay:

  • A Weak Thesis Statement: When you are writing an academic essay, the thesis statement of the essay plays a vital role in determining its overall quality and research. The thesis statement serves to be the determining factor about how much effort you have put into writing the given essay. It is known to state some opinion, and therefore, it should be as specific as possible. Your thesis statement should not be a general statement. Try validating the same with some references or instances. You should always aim at coming up with a strong thesis statement in your essay to draw the attention of the checker.


  • Plagiarism: Writing a unique piece of content for your academic essay is the essence of any academic writing task. Plagiarism in writing is considered unethical, and you should aim at avoiding it all costs. While you might not be able to compose a completely new piece of the essay all on your own, taking references and putting the same into your own words is acceptable. Most of the colleges out there tend to have strict rules when it comes to submitting plagiarized content. When you wish to ensure that your essay is plagiarism-free, you can make use of a reliable online plagiarism checker for the same.


  • Grammar & Spelling Mistakes: While checking plagiarism is vital, making sure that your essay is free from any grammar or spelling mistake is also an important concern. Grammar, spelling, and pronoun mistakes are a big “NO” when it comes to academic writing. You must be aware of the common grammar notations and how & when to use pronouns effectively. Moreover, you should also avoid spelling mistakes in your essay at all costs. For ensuring that your essay is perfect sans any such mistake, you can consider making use of a free grammar-checking tool available online.


  • Over-utilization of Quotes: When you write an academic essay, placing quotes that are relevant to the topic of the essay is helpful. However, it is equally important to note that you should not overuse the quotes throughout the essay. The particular essay that you are writing is supposed to reflect your overall understanding of the given topic. Therefore, you put up content to place arguments over the research you have done. When you overuse quotes in the essay, it tends to undermine the overall authority in your essay. Therefore, you should aim at limiting your utilization of quotes across the essay structure.


  • Bibliography Mistakes: Most of the times, the bibliography format for academic essays is the MLA style in most of the colleges. However, in some cases, your professor might ask you to refer the bibliography in some other academic format. Whatever might be the format of bibliography writing that you are asked to follow, it is important to be aware of the writing guidelines at the same time. The bibliography section of the essay tends to rely on certain formulae, and therefore, you must follow the same to get it right.


  • Using Resources that Lack Credibility: We live in a digital era. In the modern era of the Internet and its services, it has become a seamless job to search for something on a particular keyword and get ample references for the same. However, this does not imply that all such references are credible and relevant for your essay writing task. While composing the reference section for your essay, it is important to ensure that you analyze the credible references or sites for obtaining information on a certain topic.


Deliver the best-ever academic essay to your professor by taking note of the common writing mistakes and avoiding them at the same time. For more help on academic essay writing, reach out to