Swimming is one of the best, loved, cherished, coveted, and distinguished activities that people do for fun and enjoyment. Even those who do not know how to swim wish they knew because it looks absolutely amazing. There are many places where you can swim including oceans, seas, lakes, dams, rivers and swimming pools etc. However, the safest of all is swimming pools because they are manmade. Nevertheless, they need maintenance through cleaning to retain them in good condition.

Due to the numerous numbers of swimmers who enjoy themselves in the pools, its hygiene and cleanliness must be well maintained stringently. In fact, swimmers are very naughty and they relieve themselves right inside the water. With that sanitary waste, obviously the water is spoilt within a short time because it is contaminated and filthy. You should be well conversant with the best above ground pool vacuum features.


Features of the pool vacuum include the following:

  • Ease of use – One of the best and the most outstanding qualities of any device is being user friendly. If you buy a pool vacuum cleaner that is hard to operate, it will nag you a lot and wreak havoc to you. That is why you should check how easy and efficient it is to operate. You should be able to get it from your store and start cleaning in less than three minutes. However, if you cannot fathom its operation, it will only frustrate you more or even force you to hire a skilled person to clean the pool for you at a fee.
  • Vigorous and thorough performance – the quality of cleaning that the vacuum cleaner yields is integral. Before you buy it, you should ensure that it can clean the pool thoroughly and leave it sparkling clean. However, if the quality of cleaning is compromised, then the device is not good. Only the one that does excellent cleaning should be bought to avoid incurring an extra cost of buying another good one.
  • Can clean underwater – there are pool cleaners that are designed to clean under water. This kind is the best because you do not have to empty your pool to clean it. All you have to do is to dip it into the pool and then switch it on to clean all the debris, dirt, and sediment on the floor and also on the sides. The best above ground pool vacuum is reliable and versatile. You can clean the pool when full and also when empty.
  • Silent operation – silence is quite good and desirable in every environment. When you buy a vacuum cleaner, it should operate silently to avoid disturbing your and other people’s peace. If you buy a noisy cleaner, it can also pose a risk to your eardrum. After cleaning, you may stay for up to three days with low hearing ability because of the noise. With time, if you continue with using it, your hearing ability becomes permanently compromised and a person will have to shout when talking to you so that you can hear. Eventually, your condition can deteriorate and you will need hearing aids. To avoid all that, you should go for a silent cleaner.
  • Light in weight and portable – A light weight cleaner is ideal because of ease of portability. You will not strain to move it from here to there. You can simply push or even carry it. However, if you buy a heavy one, it will impact heavily on you because moving it from one place to the other will be so hard. Therefore, lightness is a great pro that you should never overlook when choosing the vacuum cleaner to go for.
  • Takes less time to clean – efficiency is very important because it helps you to take less time to accomplish the task that you are undertaking. It is greatly enhanced and facilitated by the power of the vacuum cleaner. The more powerful it is, the less time it will take to clean. Though a powerful cleaner is expensive, expensive is cheap because you will get the quality you want. However, if you buy a low quality device, it will take so long to clean which is a great discouragement.
  • Fitted with deflector wheels – movement of the cleaner is important because of how the pool floors surfaces look. Moreover, you will have to move it from place to place where the floor is not flat or it is not even. Therefore, if it does not have deflector wheels, it will often get stuck and require you to keep on helping it. The most recommendable cleaner is the one that is fitted with deflector wheels because they are ideal and capable to manoeuvre all kinds of terrain. It works comfortably and when you are moving it to and from the pool, it gives you a very easy time.
  • Durable and of high quality – quality is key in everything. The lower the quality, the poor the service and service life you will get from the cleaner. However, if you go for a high quality device, it will perform beyond your expectations and you will greatly marvel. To top it all, that gadget is durable hence it gives you a long service life; not to mention that it has value for your money. Furthermore, a high quality device is cheap to maintain because it does not keep on breaking down every now and then. It will work for quite a long time without requiring a technician to come and repair it, hence cheap to maintain. On the contrary, a low quality one develops faults often and requires you to take it for servicing regularly which is expensive. To avoid that, you should even prefer going for a well known brand whose quality and performance are unquestionable. Reading product reviews about the cleaner can guide you properly to buy a marvelous device.


In a nutshell, these are some of the topnotch features you should consider when buying a ground pool vacuum cleaner.