It might feel awkward to rent a large house since it looks very different from your house. You might even have a hard time using the facilities because you fear that you will damage them.

These large houses are there for you to enjoy. Don’t deprive yourself of the chance to explore the area and use the facilities. As long as you follow the standard rules, you’re good to go.

Don’t rearrange the furniture

If you love decorating your home, it might be tempting for you to redecorate a large house. Before you do so, you need to understand that it’s not yours. You’re only staying for the night. Even if you itch to move things around, you shouldn’t. The owner might get confused with the placement of things.

Avoid restricted areas

The owner or manager might also inform you of the spaces that you can’t use. It might seem inconvenient, but it’s for a good reason. Some areas might have ongoing construction or repair work. You will be at risk if you go there. Other rooms might be storage areas. Respect these places because they have a specific function. If you didn’t get the information, you might read some signs. Even if you feel tempted to open some doors, you shouldn’t.

Don’t use out-of-service facilities 

It’s frustrating when you can’t use individual facilities because you expect them to be in full operation. You pay for big houses to rent to use them, and you don’t want to leave the place without experiencing them. Whether it’s the pool or the gaming room, you want to have the chance to enjoy it. Therefore, you need to clarify during the reservation if all facilities are working well. You can ask for a discount if you can’t use everything available.

Avoid intentionally damaging the place

It’s understandable if you accidentally destroy some items inside the large house. You don’t mean to do so, but you have to be honest about it. You will face a problem if you intentionally destroy things because you can’t control your temper. The owner will know that the action was intentional, and you will pay for what you did.

Control your noise

Although most large houses for rent are in secluded areas, some of them have neighbours. They might also be available for short-term rental, while others are actual residences. You must stay mindful of your surroundings. It would help if you control your loud noise to avoid disturbing your neighbours. If you want to party hard and have a great time, you might want to choose a more secluded house and be willing to pay more.

It would help if you remember these rules all the time. You can also ask the property manager if these are any other rules. You want to avoid problems with the owner of the place since you might want to book the property again in the future. You also don’t want to spend more on damages considering how much you already paid.