From the World of Tanks creators WORLD OF WARSHIPS LEGENDS was launched this year. This online game of ship-to-ship combat combines History Channel-style realism with explosive artillery action. It gives you the opportunity to unlock famous battleships, cruisers, and destroyers, and use massive firepower and low cunning to sink your opponents. The game adapts successful PC to consoles, streamlining and refining the core gameplay. Not only is the game itself free-to-play, but for the PS4 version, you don’t need a subscription to the PlayStation online service to play it. See also the best games for PC 2019:

If you miss games like Wing Commander or Privateer, then Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is made for you. There’s everything you’d expect from a game of space trading and combat, such as in-depth ship customization and upgrades, not to mention neat innovations like an auto-pursuit system that takes the drudgery out of steering in dogfights. Dive in the blue cosmos with the chance of winning a new laser ship The overall presentation is excellent, and there are even GTA-style in-game radio stations with over 21 hours of music. A fresh new take on the Han Solo fantasy.

SLAY THE SPIRE is a mix of fantasy hack-and-slash with in-depth deck-building. Your goal: To ascend a huge fantasy castle chock full of bizarre and monstrous creatures. Like all rogue-likes, the challenges you face are randomized each time you play; no two games are ever the same. With every attempt you’ll get just that little bit further, unlock new spell attack cards, and gain new insights. Can you make it to the very top? Can you … Slay the Spire?!

It’s been over a decade now since Nintendo last made an Advance Wars game, and some indie titles have emerged to fill this yawning gap in the market – games like Wargroove and Tiny Metal. Perhaps the best of the bunch is Lost Frontier, a wild west-inspired turn-based strategy game where you expand troops, gatling guns, and zeppelins against fantastic supernatural foes. The 24-mission campaign gets masses of replay value thanks to a selection of nine highly specialized commanding officers, and there are 20 post-game challenge missions if you crave extra punishment. It can be yours for under 10 bucks.