Snapchat has been taken from two part of the words Snap and Chat. Snap Chat is a photo-messaging and mobile application which allows us to share our photos and videos that self-demolish. Definition, all pics and videos will be automatically deleted depending on the time limit that you have set to show your friends or your family.

Over 150 million of snapchat users use this application to share their stories with their families and friend and can show the amazing events around the world. In this application, you can share a snap pic or video which has the limit of 10 seconds. You can also store the snaps to make snap-books of memories which persist for 24 hours which is known as a story.

When you want to add someone on Snapchat you can do in various ways. The most common way is by entering their username in your search bar and to click the “add” link. However, you can also scan a QR-code when you are in the presence of this person. If you want to meet more people, you can find Snapchat usernames on online platforms.

Snapchat was first named as Picaboo and was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown back in September 2011. The main idea behind it was to remove pictures and videos, by default that is shared on this app. It is believed that Snapchat is one of the best mobile camera applications. In last few years, this app reached over 300 million active users, on a monthly basis. Millions of Snapchat stories are uploaded every day.

  • Snapchat also contains geofilters and text which can be helpful and power in making our brand and the take observation across social media.
  • Around 70-75% snapchat users are under 32-34 years old which means we all get the best civil marketing platform to contribute in.
  • Snapchat takes immense number of users which can be superior stage to market the products.
  • Snapchat is so accomplishable how to develop and utilize its features. This application allows us to share our video and pictures easily with our smart phones.
  • Snapchat also let you know who took the screenshot of the chats or of what you shared.
  • You can also edit both photos and videos by adding different affects, stickers and text.
  • Snapchat contains many and different type of filters which help us to get the best and sometimes funniest pictures with different types of affects too.
  • Snapchat application stimulate in the moment or real-time communication and correspondence between people.
  • Snapchat is the social platform which takes the online world by its tempest and suggestion to succeed its own e-commerce platform.
  • Snapchat is so addictive application. Nowadays, young and even old peoples are addicted to snapchat because of its filters and stories which is easily to get falcate on.


Snapchat cheating is a new form of disloyalty. With current social media networks, it grows simple to chat with any person and to cheat. Snapchat cheating generally involves two people having a relationship. They used to text a lot during a day and have long conversations and share each other’s pictures. Snapchat is one of the premier social networks to cheat because all the snaps and chats are deleted once the person read them. It is almost impossible and difficult to find out the conversations between the two peoples and the files, pictures and links that has been shared will be unnoticed.