Tram Scrolls for Contemporary Enhancing Décor


Personal Design and Customized


A new influence has entered the interior decoration market and created a demand which is spreading like the proverbial “wild-fire”. Tram Scrolls are vintage works of art and are now being designed to cater for a huge variety of personal décor needs. They are printed and stretched, with the concept originating from the Destination blinds displayed on the front and sides of trams, dating back to the 1870’s and into the 190’s eras. Customers are able to select from a large choice of Bus Scrolls, in a variety of colours and even customise their own specific scroll. These Custom Sign Word Art make great personalised gift ideas.



Unique Materials and Production


 The material, from which they are manufactured, may be composed of one hundred percent cotton, for those wanting a more aged appearance; or if an off-white background is preferred, then a combination of materials is available. Bus sign art is a modern concept based on the original collection of tram and bus routes from different countries.  Manufacturers take great care to present high quality products, printed on archival, artists’ canvas and protected with a UV coating, which is also anti-fungal. Destination blinds are supplied with a frame or unframed, to meet individual requirements regarding placements and purposes. A critical factor in the production cycle is that only pigment based inks are used, comparable with those in museums and galleries.


Original Vogue for any Environment


For a particular customer, there are different styles and sizes to choose from, with the emphasis being on originality and the traditional Tram Scroll. The Bus scroll is a popular addition to any interior décor and which was seen in certain countries during the 1950’s, especially on the old trams. This particular art form is one of the latest items in household vogue, as well as in office locations. This is primarily due to the typographic bold lines, with white on black drawing the attention of a viewer. A feature of Tram Scrolls is that they are able to be personalized to meet specific needs, with many customers selecting their own list of destinations. This adds an extremely personal touch, which can bring great pleasure to its owner.


From Pubs to Nurseries


Destination blinds are suitable for any application and environment, caused by them being personalized for individual purposes. These could be previous residences areas, fond memories of places they have visited, or, where they were born. In some instances, children’s fairytales have been used as well as the names of well remembered or famous pubs. Bus sign art is a new and exciting form, not only regarding attractive and enhancing décor, but as a means of personal expression in home or even office environments. The excellent quality products, is supported by superior digital printing design, which has been tested to last a lifetime, when compared to other methods of printing.


For the person who is comfortable designing his or her own Tram Scrolls, the Internet is available and customizing your own Bus sign art is made easy. This is a unique and personal way to decorate your home or office to suit the image and ambience you would like. Instead of trying to express your visions through a third party, here is an opportunity to create them yourself!




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