Cleveland has a great location, it’s right at the point where East meets the Midwest. Which means you can reach it with great ease and enjoy quite a lot of amazing and exciting experiences in there. With that in mind, it’s important to note that Cleveland is a place of wonders for a lot of people, with great historical locations and an exciting set of modern activities. Everyone can enjoy visiting and exploring Cleveland, and here are some of the best options.

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Museum of Contemporary Art

Art lovers will find this one really impressive, just because it looks great, it’s very distinctive and a lot of people continue to consider it among some of the nicest and most visually appealing places in the region. Even the building itself is astonishing and different.


Cultural Gardens

The Cultural Gardens are very nice and a lot of people like them just because it’s a lot of fun to just explore the city and enjoy it for what it is. Yes, there are obvious challenges along the way, but it’s a rewarding and enticing opportunity as well as a great experience for you to enjoy.


Superelectric Pinball Parlor

Everyone likes old school stuff nowadays, and at the Superelectric Pinball Parlor you really get to enjoy some classic games in a stellar arcade location. They are super interesting, a lot of fun to check out and since you have so many games it’s really easy to enjoy some of the nicest and most interesting arcade games in history.



Slyman’s does a great job when it comes to offering an old school deli dining experience. It’s designed to be fun and quirky, but at the same time it also delivers resounding and very distinctive ideas for you to explore and enjoy.


Waterloo Arts District

When you visit the Waterloo Arts District you will be able to enjoy some of the best music in town, not to mention you can access the best brunch here as well. And right near this you will find a vinyl shop too, so you can easily acquire whatever you want and need without any problem.


Playhouse Square

Visiting Playhouse Square is always nice because there are drama shows in here, comedians and it’s just one of the best centers to find great artists in Cleveland. If you’re passionate about the idea of exploring artistic performance in the city, then this is definitely something you may want to try out and explore. It can totally be worth the effort, all you need is to take the time to visit this great location.


Severance Hall

The Severance Hall is seen as one of the top ten orchestras in the world. The interior is very interesting, appealing and also quite luxurious, which will surely impress right off the bat. You will also like the fact that there are scheduled performances very often. And during the summer the Severance Hall orchestra can be found in the city as well, performing for certain events.


Lake Erie

Visiting Lake Erie offers you some moments of silence, and it brings in front some really fun and cool experiences for you to enjoy all the same. The benefit here is tat you can see the William G. Mather Steamship or the USS COD submarine at the waterfront. So aside from just walking around and having fun, you actually get to see and enjoy something cool too.


Edgewater Beach

Yes, Cleveland does have its own beach and it can be exciting and fun to check it out. If you want to freshen up a bit and remove all the stress and anxiety you may have, then visiting the Edgewater Beach will help you do that. It’s a fun location to explore and it does have the potential to be a great experience.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Visiting the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a must if you like this type of music. There are some great artifacts in there, signatures, old guitars and a plethora of cool things for you to see. This is certainly a must for everyone that loves quality music.


West Side Market

This market is very old, it has been around for more than 100 years and it continues to offer some of the best food in the region. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to check it out. Aside from the great food, the early 20th century architecture is a sight to behold.

We found that Cleveland is a very fun city to explore and enjoy. There are always new activities and you can easily find old school or modern activities every time. You do need to consider giving it a shot if possible, especially if you want a quiet, peaceful and also exciting vacation!