Cosmetics: Korean Beauty vs. American Beauty

Beauty salon events, selected products, and promotions with local celebrities are tailored to the region’s taste.  The Korean industry has fully embraced our approach to skincare. From makeup we never use to face masks, its impact is striking.  There are two theories for the aesthetic rivalry of these components.  One, skin whiteness can be associated with a social level.

Because of cultural traditions, the integration of African traditions, and American influence, American culture places particular emphasis on makeup. But if there is something that differentiates them is a sexy look for women with hair care creams and tighteners, anti-cellulite and moisturizing.  Two: the conquerors were rewarded and inherited a certain standard of beauty from them.

Korean beauty begins to surpass the standards of American cosmetics

The Korean cosmetics industry is popularly growing to complement its makeup with treatments and various essential skin care products directly from Korea. The truth is that if there is a country that knows about skincare, it is Korea, with its unique and effective formulas and ingredients.

But it’s not just Korea taking inspiration from Asian skincare styles; Japan has done it before.  And China is where our favorite ingredients like Gotu kola come from.

Its transition to the world of cosmetics is more related to the Chinese public; that is, it is still difficult to find Chinese cosmetics in some countries, as well as the products of the Asian giants that cover the most common needs for harmonious tones and, of course, anti-aging or adverse environmental factors.

Koreans make products to treat specific problems, not just for dry, combination, or oily skin.  Specialists treat enlarged pores, pimples, excess oil, or aging. They tend to combine many products in a single scenario.

Each ethical cosmetic product has its purpose.  Double cleansing is the only way to get spotless skin. Toners balance the pH of our skin, and serums treat specific skin problems.

The most popular ingredients are also affinity, as in Chinese cosmetics, although the total adaptation of this product is being studied.  There are no repeated ingredient lists in their formulations since hyaluronic acid can be used in our everyday moisturizing cosmetics.

We can generalize Korean cosmetics as more experience and personalization of products, therefore, more time and commitment to skin care.

How does American beauty overcome the growing popularity of Korean cosmetics?

The volume of cosmetics and personal care products in the Americas increased in 2016-2017-2018 compared to 2014, thanks to the improvement in the macroeconomic situation. 2019-2024 foresees strong growth in deodorants, luxury goods, cosmetics, men’s care, and bath products.

Products with novelty and exclusivity are more likely to be valued for their quality. Factors such as warranty and after-sales service should be considered.

The growing number of people over 50 has led to increased sales of products to combat the adverse effects of aging. Due to the importance of daily sunscreen use, many cosmetic companies have included this product in their category to create added value compared to their competitors.

The economic crisis has increased the demand for the product per unit. In addition, air restrictions have made people prefer smaller, greener packages. The need for user-friendly packaging is growing for personal effects. Sales of beauty products have increased thanks to high-income people.

The potential demand for toiletries is based on the continent’s growing population. However, the market size allows for a wide variety of products and competition in many categories with different formats and prices.

The safety of cosmetics is determined by qualified professionals with scientific training and experience based on the chemical composition, toxicity data, and available safety tests.

Famous cosmetic brands based on Korean beauty.


This vegan company is ideal for sensitive skin because it removes all unwanted ingredients such as dyes, alcohol, perfumes, and parabens. From cleaners to moisturizers, it’s an excellent brand for looking for basics that work.


Two makeup artists, Son & Park, have become very popular in Korea thanks to their favorite facial cleanser. After that, they decided to start the company Perfect Skin to achieve makeup with the perfect facial effect. Its motto is simple, and its bestsellers line up to rival its Eau de beauté.


The company bases all its formulas on water science, mixing waves with various ingredients to treat any problems that may arise in your skin. If you haven’t tried a lip mask yet, you can save your dry, chapped lips and change your life.

A by BOM

Another Korean company that focuses on natural ingredients and creates quality products with designers, its Korean aesthetic is based on organic fragrances and oils and plant extracts such as rice, grains, flowers, and teas.


They focus on organic ingredients, a philosophy that defines most Korean brands—using only beneficial natural preservatives.


It was the first food cosmetics company. Transform into beautiful and healthy skin with the nourishing effects of ingredients such as honey, avocado, rice, and tomato.  To do this, they look worldwide for farms that can obtain products of the highest quality.  And that it is in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


He is a specialist in treating the skin’s needs with pure and transparent ingredients. It tends to avoid chemicals in line with its commitment to environmental beauty.

Renowned cosmetic brands inspired by American Beauty


This beautiful makeup brand is undoubtedly one of the most popular and known worldwide for its glamorous and sophisticated styles, perfect for elegant women looking for the right makeup to complement their stylized outfits.

Throw me

Founded in 1935 by Frenchman Armand Pettiguine, Lancôme combines beauty with cutting-edge science. The Lancôme catalog expresses pure French elegance in a unique and captivating way.

The Oreal

It is impossible not to name one of the best-known brands of this giant franchise.  The advantage of L’Oreal over other companies is that it combines luxury at an affordable price for everyone. This brand is worth it if we add a diverse catalog where you can find bases, lipsticks, eyeliners, and more.


It has become a trendsetter in the global market for color mixing and artistic experimentation in cosmetics. MAC promotes not only creativity but also diversity and creative direction.  They have also created many memorable series that might interest you.s.


Covergirl has been a force in the beauty industry since its inception in 1960. It has been certified by Noxzema Chemical Company, a company that conquered the market with its “easy, light, and beautiful Covergirl” logo.

This has always been their attitude towards the product, which consumers always appreciate. Not only because it is quality and reliable but also because it offers economical prices.


Burberry has become famous for its innovations in products that are suitable for both street and more elegant environments. This is thanks to its avant-garde and youthful style, specialized in adapting to any occasion.

Commercial factors that popularized Korean cosmetics

Beauty is essential. Everyone wants to have better skin.  A unique essence and up to 7 layers of cream are added.  They can spend hours listening to music while throwing ice cream and relaxing.

The culture of masks is the basis of Korean cosmetics. Now that acupressure is mainstream, it is similar to acupuncture but with creams.  It is very technical and stimulates the face by pushing it through minor points.

Clinique cream costs about 120 euros, and Asian creams give the same properties and ingredients for 35 euros. The same seems to happen with makeup. Another Korean touch is lipstick. It is a regular stick; the difference is that it sticks to the skin of the lips, so it does not look like lipstick; it is natural. It can never be cleaned with just a makeup remover.

The Korean cosmetics industry has a bright future. Since 2016, the Korean cosmetics purchase volume has increased by 166% to €9225 million. The Japanese are interesting, but the Chinese seem to be on the verge of popularity.

Now Korean beauty brands like 3CE online are beginning to open Western markets and present themselves to the public. With more than 32 Korean brands worldwide, Europe and America now have access to numerous facial beauty centers specializing in Korean techniques and procedures.

To everyone’s surprise, the Asian offer will surpass the European and American offers in price and quality. South Korea internationalized BB face cream, making it a world powerhouse in an actual product that moisturizes, protects, and gives color.

Ups and downs of the cosmetics trade in America

The care of personal beauty today is an art that deals with the appearance of the skin, and hair care, among other things of personal appearance. The reports that have been made on the beauty products market in America are segmented based on certain factors. Significantly the distribution channel and the type of product.

The term “cosmetics” generally refers to all products men and women use for cosmetic and personal hygiene purposes. Cosmetics have become a global industry from ancient Egypt to today, growing from 3.6% to 5.5% in the five years following the outbreak.

However, this trend changed significantly in 2020, when global markets fell by 8%. A similar pattern was found in many Latin American countries, including Mexico, where sales fell 5.3% as the coronavirus advanced.  On the other hand, other markets, such as Colombia or Argentina, have managed to survive by maintaining prosperous cons.

American consumers continue to buy these cosmetics due to increased advertising and promotions. In addition, ads are often targeted to specific age groups, such as teens or older women, to target particular demographics.

Due to frequent product changes in the market, consumers have begun to try new products. They often want to ensure that the products they buy match their skin or hair type.

So, product testing is essential in the cosmetics market. That’s why companies like Avon and Estee Lauder have grown their marketing investment in these events in recent years.

Importance of international cosmetics stores

Integrating different physical and virtual stores in the international market is very effective. This is how we diversify our service channels and improve the customer experience.

In this regard, the combination of physical and virtual stores has the potential to expand operations and drive business performance by 2021, mainly due to a significant increase in online sales—record sales of 53 billion euros in real terms.

Integrating physical and virtual stores refers to joining sales channels to improve the customer experience by allowing them to buy in their preferred environment. In other words, physical service channels work harmoniously with virtual channels to optimize the consumer’s shopping journey.

Beauty stores, especially K (Korean) products, provide an opportunity to improve prices across all channels without compromising control. This element allows you to adjust your business strategy and stand out from the competition, as well as a Better K CA beauty supply.