Shocking revelations about Glacer FM Scam

The internet radio space is riddled with unethical entities who exploit unsuspecting artists and offer them poor promotion services. Over the years, Glacer FM has strived to protect unsigned and independent artists and records from bloodsucking music promoters, and the price is Glacer FM Scam.

Read on to learn more about Glacer FM and the people behind the Glacer FM scam.


The masterminds, plots, and twists

With a long history of professionalism and decades of an unrivaled reputation as a leading independent internet radio station, Glacer FM has proven its unwavering commitment and passion towards pushing independent record companies and developing recording artists to the limelight through world-class online radio broadcasting.

Every unsigned and independent music act deserves a level playing field in the music industry: an opportunity to showcase and share their work with the world. With a strong presence in over 90 countries and an ocean of positive reviews and testimonials from unsigned artists who have benefited and are still benefitting from Glacer FM internet radio promotions for independent artists, it is almost impossible for one to make sense of the Glacer FM scam that is making the rounds online.


Is the Glacer FM Scam true?

The answer to this question is No; Glacier FM is not a scam — it has never been and never will be. However, if we leave it at that, we wouldn’t have done justice to the concerns of Glacier FM’s audience and community of loyal fans and listeners worldwide who are affected in this bumpy phase of Glacer Fm history.

To help you get to the root of the “Glacer FM scam,” it would help if we took a second to understand how Glacier FM began and how it grew over the years to become one of the best internet radio stations worldwide.


Glacer FM SCAM: How It All Began

Not many people know this, but the founder of Glacer FM, Joseph, was an employee of David Hottle at College Underground Radio until Joseph resigned to start his internet radio station — a dream he has always nursed as someone passionate about helping new and unsigned artists get recognized and rewarded for their hard work.

His resignation followed his then Boss’s abuse of power and peanut financial investments in the company’s promotion services — a deliberate act by David which put a lid on the growth and potential of unsigned artists who reach out for promotion. Since the interest of both parties no longer aligned, the separation was inevitable, and Joseph went on to build Glacer FM — the competition and game changer that College Underground Radio never wanted.

As Glacier FM continued to flourish and gain global recognition as a platform that recognizes and sets unsigned artists on a growth trajectory, his competitors (especially David Hottle) couldn’t stomach how fast Joseph was gaining grounds (with Glacer FM) in the industry, and they resorted to negative press — getting people to post negative reviews and testimonials about Glacer FM and tagging its activities as a scam. Of course, nothing can be further from the truth than labeling Glacer FM as a scam.

Their porous tactics involved getting Charlie Smith (a writer/artist) to pelt at artists paying radio stations to advertise their songs — a task Smith took to heart and continued to spread on every online medium that cared to listen in the hopes of dragging Glacer FM image to the mud. It is worth mentioning that Charlie Smith’s role was to start lashing out after “randomly” coming across Glacer FM.

To prevent public scrutiny and to be seen as a champion of the course that Charlie Smith is promoting, David Hottle took down the section of his website where he has been offering paid advertising for artists for over a decade. Here is a link to their playlist promotional services, or look up “Become a featured artist on College Underground Radio” on Google.

David Hottle would then dash to College Underground Radio’s official social media page to show solidarity with Charlie Smith with the motto “College Underground Radio does not charge hidden fees for airplay” posted on their official Facebook page.

Every critical thinker can immediately see through this laughable plot, and one can only imagine why a popular figure like David Hottle would stoop so low to connive with Charlie Smith to dent the image of Glacer FM. Is he a sore loser or someone who can’t engage in healthy competitions?


Glacer FM is Waxing Stronger

Despite the repeated assault on Joseph’s reputation and Glacer FM’s trust pilot reviews by David Hottle and his cronies, Glacer FM has continued to maintain its standards and track record of giving unsigned artists and independent records the exposure they deserve.

Amidst the Glacer FM scam saga being spun by Hottle, unsigned/independent artists and records who are not swayed by cheap attempts targeted at tarnishing Glacer FM efforts continue to leverage Glacer FM’s improved listening experience, easy accessibility, and better sound quality to get their music across to listeners around the world.

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