Crypto currency is becoming more popular, the interest and fans towards crypto has created a new stream of money reaching the crypto market. As a starting crypto fan, it can be very hard to understand what is specifically happening because it is technically a complex market. In order to make an interesting rate of return on your crypto investment, it can be interesting to understand how the value of your crypto gains or losses have been so far. With the help of a counting tool this can be managed with ease without continuously making new calculations which can stimulate errors and wrong overviews.

Why to count your crypto value

For a crypto currency fan it is important to keep track of the detailed transactions of your crypto investments, because it can be very difficult to find the data and keep your eyes on track. Any missing counts can increase or decrease your win of losses.

What if you have missing data, that often will be found afterwards in transaction details of certain transactions in crypto. A counter can automatically calculate your wins or losses, allowing you to stay focused on new targets and trades like for example a moonriver coin or Polkadot coin. Even when you use a crypto exchange, it is wise to keep notes on special transactions.


Keep on track

The crypto market is a volatile market which makes it hard to keep your eye on the ball all the time. You should be able to always, anywhere and everywhere be able to see the current counting of your investments into crypto. Visualize your crypto investments with the help of a discreet icon that can be placed at the bottom or top of your browser screen, a counting calculator.

Make it possible to hover over the icon to see how your coins are tracking against for example Bitcoin to make the right call for buying Ethereum (Dutch: ethereum kopen). Green can show you that your investments are going up and red can mean that they are going negative or down and yellow or orange can say that the coins are going nowhere at that moment.


Count your ROI

It doesn’t matter what strategy you employ with cryptocurrency. You should always stay on top of your current performance to make sure that you rule out the possibilities to lose your invested money. By matching the performance of your crypto with the goals you have made up beforehand, it will help you in decision making. The ROI or Return On Investment is an important number in your crypto trading business, but not the only number that matters. Other numbers also need to be monitored together with the ROI to evaluate the performance of your crypto and to get a better perspective for your future decisions that need to be made. Counting the numbers in a good way can never fool your mind of feelings, it keeps you on the right track.