If it is your first foray into arranging a concert for your brand, you are probably thinking how the stage will look. A stage plot for a concert is quite important. It is not just the random arrangement of stuff and making space for the band members to perform. It is properly strategized. It is a complete graphical representation of the band’s setup. It must be able to accommodate the optimum use of the band’s gear, sound system, and other technical aspects.


Basics of a Stage Plot

When you first begin to create a stage plot, you must be careful about including the following:

  • A visual of each member’s position on the stage
  • Name of each member and their respective instruments
  • Number of technical equipment the venue needs to provide. This includes mics, monitors, cables, etc.
  • Number of technical; equipment you will be bringing on your own
  • Determining if bass and keyboard amplifiers will have balanced outputs; if they will be run on mic or direct
  • Position of amplifiers relative to the players

Creating a Stage Plot

Most bands use a professional service to create a stage plot. There different websites that can help with creating a stage plot as well. However, it is also possible to create basic working one on your own. It is a good skill to have if you work with a band. It comes in handy when you don’t have much time on your hands before the concert goes live.

Here is how you can begin:

  • Use circles to represent the drums set
  • Use X inside a circle for microphones
  • Rectangles are used for amplifiers
  • Triangles are used for stage wedges
  • Doodle for representing the keyboards, bases, DJ stations, guitars, etc.

Once you know what symbol is to be used for varying stuff, you can create a stage plot. It is kind of like creating a map. You should have some basic visual in your mind that you have to transfer onto the paper. If you have enough time, then you can first create a rough draft and finalize it over time.


Why Use a Professional Service for Creating a Stage Plot?

When you think about developing a stage plot, you might think it is so easy. Some people may actually good at making one too. However, most will face difficulty when they really sit down to make one. Some have trouble drawing while others can’t round off the map effectively. A stage plot website will provide you with easy to use tools. For example, all you need is to drag and drop instruments on a virtual stage.

These websites also make it easier to share the plot with other band members for approval. In case you have to make changes, you don’t have to start from scratch. You can simply edit the existing one.

A proper stage plot can make the arrangement of your concert smooth and efficient. Also, it reduces the risk of disruption during the concert.