Bath bombs are one of the prettiest beauty and wellness accessories to use these days. They come in beautiful colors; traditionally in round or square shapes. However, there are several fancy varieties as well that are available in other aesthetic shapes.

It is really simple to use them; not to mention that it is an incredible way to make bath time fun. Bath bombs are dropped into water and they fizz out. This is caused because of the Epsom salts, baking soda, and citric acid. These are basic ingredients in any bath bomb. Other ingredients may be added as needed.

Bath bombs are an amazing way to have a soothing and relaxing time as you bathe. Just the perfect idea to let your body come down from the stress of a long day. If you have seen the bath bombs at your local store or while browsing online but are apprehensive about using them, here are reasons you should absolutely give a try:


Spa at Home

When you really want a few hours just to yourself to unwind, you instantly think of spa time. However, life does not always offer the luxury of going to a spa. With bath bombs, you can create a spa experience in your own bathroom. Bath bombs come in so many varieties; even with essential oils. There are specific ones that are good for the skin and produce soothing effects for the nerves. So buy ones that suit your mood, add some candles, and play soft music in the background. Voila! You have your own spa.


Good for Skin

You can find all-natural bath bombs that will do wonders for the skin. Many bath bombs come with ingredients that can nourish the skin. Moreover, they are quite beneficial for deeply cleansing the skin. If you want to pamper your skin with some essential nutrients and leave it feeling incredibly refreshed, then bath bombs are the best way to do it without investing too much effort. You also don’t need to worry about your hair coming into contact with bath bomb water. The ingredients like essential oils and citric acid are softening and the surfactant is a cleanser. They don’t negatively impact the hair.


It is Plain Fun

Bath bombs found on are just fun to use. Their pretty colors and shapes make you just want to use them again and again. If you think they look pretty on a shop’s display, imagine them bursting in your tub. It is totally mesmerizing. They just fizz into these beautiful and colorful bubbles. Also, they add an aesthetic aspect to your bathroom vanity. Store them in a jar and they just look pretty and ready to use.

When you buy bath bombs, make sure that you use them in a reasonable amount of time. We know it feels great to store them as they often look too pretty to use. However, the longer you store them, the less fresh they become and lose their ability to fizz. Different brands may offer varying freshness policy.