Telegram is instant chat messenger and the delivery option is first , so lot of people love to use telegram. Already you know the telegram is the best socially apps now, we never discuss about it’s features because their lot of reason which makes it is a best cloud based chat apps. But, In this time telegram inbuilt awesome features that is is group option. In Whatsapp only taken 256 members but in the telegram there are lot of people add on single group.



This post only for newbie telegram user. Because they face lot of issue to make a telegram group and its link . If you intested to know about this then read the below guide.


How to create Telegram group link?

  1. Simply Open your telegram application and go to homepage.


  1. And hit on telegram menu icon now you see the telegram new group icon.



3. Then, choose some participant to add the this group .


  1. Now, write the group name and hit on TICK Option .
  2. After making a telegram groups hit on telegram groups information and here you see the add participant option.
  3. Next window you show some group invite link option .
  4. Next , Simple Hit on this you can get the telegram groups invite link. Look below image this is the example telegram groups link.


Some of the Telegram public groups  link


I have collected lots of Telegram Groups Links from web. And I listed only categories option below if you interested to join this group then see below .

Choose any categories and visit the source page and see lot of telegram groups link


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