Ten Certified Translation Needs When You Want To Study In the US


You are looking to travel to the United States for higher studies and fun fact; all of your documents are ‘not in English.’ They will need to be translated so that the admission department of your favorite university can look into your details and admire how good your grades were! Here is the procedure to make that magic happen and get you into a flight that will take two days and three stops!

Certified Translation: You will need a certified translation for every document that you are going to submit to an American University. A certified translation is one that comes with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ provided by the translator. This certificate states that the translation is a true reflection of the original and the translator takes responsibility for the entire translation. The translator or translation company provides contact details and credentials and also signs to that effect.

Despite public belief, not everyone can translate such documents. A birth certificate is easy to translate, but when it comes to academic transcript translation, you really need to get in touch with a company that is specialized in translating such documents.

When do you need a certified translation?

Now the big question is when do you need a certified translation when you are applying for education in the US? You will need a certified translation for every document that you are getting translated. Following are some of the documents that need a certified translation. We have written a short detail to elaborate further.

High School Academic Transcript: When you have not graduated from a high school in the United States, you need to provide your high school transcript so that they can review your performance. If the transcript is not in English, then you will have to get the transcript translated with a certificate of accuracy.

High School Certificate: Your high school certificate will need to be translated for the review by the admission office as well; it will quick because certificate translation does not take long.

Bachelor’s Degree: Your Bachelor’s degree will also need to be translated by the translation agency as every document that is presented in the US has to be in English.

Academic Transcript for Bachelor’s: This one is significant and needs particular attention. If you are applying for Masters, then you will need to get your transcript translated and ready for submission.

Your Diplomas: If you have done any short courses or a year or two year long diplomas then that will also need to be translated.

Your Performance Certificates: If you have won any competitions or participated in programs or sessions that are notice-worthy and impressive then you will need to get them translated as well.

Your Recommendation Letters: Every application is incomplete without reference letters from teachers and former employers. You will need to get them translated if they are not written in English. We will advise you not to obsess over getting a reference letter in English. If your referee can present you better in their native language, then allow them to write the letter in their native language. You can always get the content translated.

Your Writing Sample: Every application has a part where you have to submit your writing sample. Again, if your language of instruction was not English; you will need to get your writing sample translated into English for presentation.

Your Sports Records: Sports performances are taken with appreciation in American Universities. American Universities have extensive sports team, and they give out athletic sports scholarships. If you are good at sports, then you should get your performance and awards translated for presentation as well.

Your Experience Letters: If you have ever held a job then you should get an experience letter. Professional expertise is admired in the US.


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