Many countries consider cryptocurrency as a new mode of payment. But still, there are some countries, who do not accept these cryptocurrencies as a legitimate payment mode and have banned them in their countries. When it got newly launched, many people criticized these cryptocurrencies as they thought it was a scam and a cheap trick to earn money. So, at that time, only a few people came forward to invest in the crypto world. There was a single cryptocurrency at that time, named Bitcoin, which is now on the top. But now, many cryptocurrencies in the crypto world range from below 10 dollars to above 1000 dollars. Today, In this article, we will discuss a few digital currencies, which are very high rate cryptocurrencies. If you want to invest in the top cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, then visit this link



Bitcoin has ruled the crypto world since its launch. Satoshi Nakomoto, an unidentified person, created this cryptocurrency in 2009. It got launched on blank white paper. There was a time when it was sold in a minimal amount or even free to attract people. But, only a few invest in it. Now bitcoin price is around $44,000, which is a considerable amount. Many big companies commonly accept bitcoin for the exchange of goods online. The 21 million coins limit is the total supply limit of bitcoin. When bitcoin got launched, the reward for mining bitcoin was 50 bitcoin, and after every four years, the reward got halved.



Vitalik Buterin, a 22 years old programmer, launched Ethereum on 30 July 2015. He found this cryptocurrency in a white paper, like bitcoin. It is a native currency of Ethereum’s blockchain network, and this cryptocurrency runs with the functionality of the smart contract. It is on the second number after bitcoin as per the capitalization of the cryptocurrencies market share. Ethereum’s total supply limit is 21 million, like bitcoin. The current price of one unit of ethereum is 3130 dollars.


Bitcoin Cash

It gets considered as an altcoin as it is a fork of top cryptocurrency bitcoin. It got launched in 2017. The supply limit of bitcoin cash is 2.1 Million. The Hash function of Bitcoin Cash is SHA-256, the same as Bitcoin. In November 2018, this cryptocurrency split into two more cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. The official website of Bitcoin Cash is Its block time is 10 minutes which is relatively high compared to others, and the block rewards of 6.25 Bitcoin Cash. The price of one Bitcoin Cash is $544.


Binance Coin

It is the native cryptocurrency of the Binance platform, which rules the chart of the top cryptocurrency exchange platform. Its code is BNB. It was launched in 2017 and initially on the ethereum blockchain, then it later moved on its blockchain platform Binance chain and limited the supply to 200 million. The one unit of Binance coin can cost around $382. It is also called a utility token and is used to pay transaction fees using the Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform.



In October 2011, this cryptocurrency came into existence in the crypto world. Charlie Lee created this cryptocurrency around nine years ago. It is a project of open-source software, and its code is LTC. It has a market capitalization of approximately 11.9 billion dollars. Litecoin is almost the same as bitcoin. The supply limit of litecoin cryptocurrency is 84 million, while the number of litecoin circulating in the market is around 66 million. The block reward of Litecoin is 12.5 LTC, and the block time is 2.5 minutes. The current price of Litecoin is about 160 dollars.



These are the cryptocurrencies that are good for investment, whether for the short term or long term, as they have a high chance of reaching a higher level. You can get an excellent monthly profit by investing in these cryptocurrencies. Many platforms are suitable for investment in a crypto world like Binance and Coinbase. For more information, you can visit this platform and find out all other cryptocurrencies as well. You can earn some crypto by exploring their learning videos about cryptocurrency.