Since the dawn of Bitcoin, many people have discovered that cryptocurrencies could be a valuable way of investment for those interested solely in the passive-income aspect of them.

Throughout the years, investors have developed many ways to earn passive income using many blockchain-based strategies, which many projects saw as an opportunity to attract and incentivize users to onboard crypto platforms (e.g., airdrops).

Indeed, there are legitimate ways to earn cryptocurrency for free without the need to buy Bitcoin. In this article, you will discover feasible manners to earn cryptocurrency for free in 2021.

How to Utilize Crypto Faucets to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

Originally, crypto faucets were designed as a manner to give people access to Bitcoin and other early cryptocurrencies. In fact, some faucets have been around for quite a bit of time, with some of them dating back from 2011, according to Bitcoin Talk.

A crypto faucet can be explained as an application or a website that rewards users with a small amount of cryptocurrency for completing a given task.

None of these given tasks are rocket science (on the contrary), which means anyone can get a crypto reward simply by completing a small task. Examples of common tasks required by crypto faucets include:

  • watching a small video about a product and/or service
  • watching a mini-course (5-10 min.) about a specific subject
  • viewing ads
  • completing quizzes
  • completing a captcha

The simpler the task, the smaller the reward tends to be. Plus, crypto enthusiasts must understand that the crypto faucet industry can be a shady business.

Consequently, it is necessary to take time to research and check out the terms of each faucet before deciding to use it as a legitimate way to earn free crypto.

Avoiding Pitfalls When Choosing a Crypto Faucet – How to Do It?

In life, it is necessary to read all terms and clauses involved in a contract before signing it. It is not different in the crypto faucet industry, as you need to assess and check several factors before making a final decision.

Firstly, avoid any faucet whose dashboards are filled with spamming and advertisements. Research for online reviews in trustworthy platforms, such as specialized forum threads, for instance.

Make sure to assess the claim amount and timer of each crypto faucet. The claim amount is responsible for the number of tokens you can get per claim, while the timer will determine how long you will have to wait between claims.

Plus, be sure to check the withdrawal process. You need to know what is the minimum value threshold from which you can withdraw your coins and what is the withdrawal method utilized by each website.

Some websites allow users to earn a referral fee for referring new users to the website, so make sure to assess if this type of option is available to increase your passive earnings.

Installing a Crypto-Based Browser to Earn Crypto for Free

Besides crypto faucets, crypto enthusiasts can also rely on other easy manners to earn small quantities of digital assets for free.

Although mining cryptocurrency is not the same as buying or investing in it, it does involve a lot of costs, especially electricity and high-quality hardware – which can be quite expensive for the average joe trying to earn a few tokens for free on the internet.

Now there is a much-welcome novelty that permits users to mine crypto for free simply by installing and using a browser tailored for crypto enthusiasts.

That is the case with CryptoTab, which is considered the world’s first browser to feature an underlying mechanism for automated crypto mining. This way, users can earn bitcoins for free from navigating the worldwide web, watching their favorite videos, or gaming online.

Realistically, it is obvious that mining BTC through a web browser it will not make you a millionaire. However, with enough persistence, you could end up mining a handful of satoshis in a few years, which would be a huge return, especially since the price of BTC keeps growing!

Those individuals smart enough to seize the advantages of this unique web browser will be able to earn bitcoins without slowing down their device or having to pay an enormous electricity bill to compete with the top crypto miners.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, cryptocurrency faucets will not make you a millionaire overnight, but they are feasible manners to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency without expending any money in the process.

There are crypto faucets available online for several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, ZCash, and Tron. And as cryptocurrency prices rise, your profits will grow.

An optimal strategy to maximize your passive earnings is to open several taps with your favorite crypto faucets and switch between them as you wait for the timer to reset again.