The Cult of Apple Products

It has long since been around in the world that the Apple brand is a type of religious cult. Even brands such as Samsung tend to mock Apple for it. However, have you ever wondered what makes this brand a cult? Most of the people in this world do not know about it themselves, however it is exactly those people who are enviers and make the Apple brand a religious cult. Such people also make up half of Apple’s fan base, the people who literally eat, sleep, stand outside Apple electronics shops before the release of a new product.


What is Apple’s Secret Sauce and How Does it Manage to Attract So Many People?

Apple’s secret sauce is quite obvious and it is just at the top of your head. If you have ever seen Samsung ads, you know that they advertise their whole new product, how it looks, the features included in it, etc. However with Apple advertisements or ‘teasers’, you do not really know how the product looks like or any special features. The brand, Apple, makes you wait in anticipation till the product launches. Which is why many Apple fans wait for the product to launch 4 or 5 days prior to the launch. They wait in anticipation to such a point that, not wanting to break the queue or lose their place from near the door, they literally start camping there. They sleep there, eat there, stand and sit, all in one place which is outside the Apple electronics store. Moreover, Apple tends to restock their products as soon as they finish which only manages to attract more people. However with other electronic products like Samsung, that is not the case. Yes, their products do sell out easily as well. However, there are not many people who wait at the Samsung shop for days.

Moreover, when people enter the Apple electronics shop and Apple recycling shops it is almost as if entering into Disney land because the design and space of the shop is made in such a way. The products are placed in front which attracts people like bees to flowers.

Even the employees of Apple seem to worship the brand as well. Potential employees, when they have their application for Apple accepted, almost cry tears of joy, literally. This is because they have been Apple ‘worshippers’ since a long time and they see selling Apple products as a great way to not only earn money but also to show their devoutness to their ‘religious cult’. New employees are told that they ‘enrich people’s lives’ which makes them think that the Apple brand has a great cause which is to make people’s lives much better. Moreover, because the employees are usually paid less in Apple brand shops they stop caring about getting paid enough. Their motive for hard work in Apple stores usually reduces the motive related to money, mostly because they lead quite a frantic life.

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