SEO is the important thing for a new business or for any business to be marketed properly and be successful. In this day and age, SEO services have become quite popular and easily accessible for many business. However, many businesses choose to do SEO jobs themselves even without having the right experience. A slight mistake in the SEO services can be extremely harmful and destructive for the reputation and growth of a business. Which is where SEO tools come into play.

If you are an SEO professional for a business or have your own SEO based company, there exist a few SEO tools which every professional should be taking advantage of. Many businesses and people do not know which tools need to be used to have a successful SEO strategy. However, here are a few SEO tools which every one should know about. Most of them are free for use however the premium SEO tools may cost a price which is still affordable:

  • Backlink Analyser

Tools which analyse how many backlinks your wesbite has is a great advantage. The great advantage is that it has a great impact on your search engine rankings.

  • Paraphrase tool

Use a paraphrasing tool. This free tool will help you paraphrase sentences, essay or web content online. It is very fast, completely free and won’t get you penalized for plagiarism.

  • Ubersuggest

A great tool for any business to have, especially since it is completely free of cost. It is a keyword suggestion tool which gives you all the important or most clicked-on keywords. It is also an optimization tool which helps you increase your search engine ranking. With ubersuggest, you are basically getting all your data from the most reliable and popular search engine in the world: Google’s  Keyword planner and Google Suggest. Apart from just giving keyword suggestions,it also tells you how much people search for a particular keyword and which keyword has the most competition. When creating a website or planning to advertise a business online, make sure you use the keywords suggested by ubersuggest and they can help target the right audience.

  • Ahrefs

If SEO is very important for your business’s success and you have a great budget for SEO services and tools then you should definitely consider buying Ahref. Unlike other free tools, Ahref requires 7$ for a 7 day trial. After the 7 day trial is over, you will have to pay 99$ per month. This tool covers several SEO related areas like analysis, keywords suggestions, backlink profiles and what not. Ahref can calculate how good and far-reaching your website is with the help of charts and trackers to give you an accurate idea. It can also help determine the performance of your website, calculating any backlinks, referrals, shares on social media apps, etc.

  • SEMrush

This tool is also known or marketed as the ‘all-in-one marketing tool kit’ since it consists of more than 20 ways to research about your competition. It provides with keyword suggestions, backlink reports, content performance, website performance. The best part about SEMrush are the carefully designed charts which provide you the overall analysis of your website. No free trials are included. It costs 99.95$ per month.



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