There is always a good reason to get a truck seat cover. Whether your vehicle’s upholstery is looking worn, or you just want to spice up the interior with a bit of style, finding the right seat cover should be a painless and rewarding experience.

Although, when it comes to seat covers, the same question always eventually comes up: custom or fitted?


Fitted Seat Covers

Fitted seat covers are the category that entails every type of manufactured seat cover. These are the options you will find in department stores, auto body shops, and inside vehicle detail businesses. They are often made in a factory and come in a limited range of colors and patterns.

Fitted seat covers are a good option if you want to spend little money or time finding the right seat cover, and they are typically durable enough to last for a couple of months or years if they are well-maintained. They are also an especially good option for those among us with children because they are inexpensive so when they get spilled on and ruined, it is not a big deal to replace them, especially on a regular basis.


Custom Seat Covers

Custom truck seat covers, on the other hand, are what people think of when they think of excellence in seat cover technology. Depending on the individual manufacturer, they often have many distinct highlights compared to fitted seat covers, including:

  • Hand-stitched patterns
  • Almost limitless variety and options for color and style
  • Specific measurements based on the make and model of your vehicle
  • Options in material, from leather to fabric and beyond
  • Superior buckles and fixtures for the snuggest fit

Black leather interior of a car. Perforated Leather comfortable seats with yellow stitching isolated on black background. Car interior details. Car detailing. Car inside

This list is in no way exhaustive, but it does give a good indication of the quality you are likely to find when shopping for custom seat covers.

Yes, there is the consideration to be had of the cost factor. Custom seat covers will typically be more expensive than fitted, ranging in cost from $250-$400. However, this cost also includes the cover for the entire seat row, rather than a single bucket seat. It also guarantees a level of quality that will endure for many years to come, and liquid-resistant construction to ensure that they do not easily stain, but are easily cleaned.

Furthermore, custom seat covers often come with extended warranties so if something does malfunction early on, you have options for how to address it without having to shell out the money for a replacement. This means that, while fitted seat covers are less expensive for a single purchase, custom seat covers are likely to cost less money because you will not have to replace them as quickly.

Finally, the debate between custom versus fitted seat covers can come to a head with the following assessment of your needs. Do you just want to hide your vehicle’s upholstery at the cheapest cost, or would you prefer to have a quality showpiece? This is the reality of custom seat covers. Yes, they provide protection for your upholstery, but given the endless possibilities of color, material, and style available, you are getting much more than mere protection.

You are getting a product that people will remark upon, that will look good for years to come, and one that you can be proud of purchasing as it continues to impress day after day. And perhaps that is the best justification for custom seat covers, and one you may want to seriously consider.