The recent ransomware attacks showed that not just the healthcare and business sector need to take cybersecurity seriously. Individuals as well need to take every precautionary measure available.

These are some of the ways in which cyber threats pose a danger to individuals and small businesses.

Software Update Delays

Have you ever wonder why companies are so adamant at making their users update to the newest software version? This is because the older versions of the same software, plugin, etc. are open to the risks of cyber-attacks. With small businesses relying on various applications, web applications, and plugins for smooth website operations, database works etc. they have to be super careful when updating them all. Any non-updated software or application is an open window for internet thieves to jump into your system.

Phishing Scams

This is a common issue with small businesses as they don’t have strict protocols for employees to follow before opening emails or social media links. Even though phishing scam has been around for a while, one form of phishing is the scammer sends email from an address that appears to the receiver as known and acquainted. This fools the person into clicking on the link and letting a dangerous malware (a ransomware at worst) enter the system.

Internal Threats

You have to be very careful when granting access to any of your employees to your database and network. Many of the attacks on big companies in the past have been allegedly perpetrated by “inside men.” Sometimes the threats from your employees are not intentional but rather due to their ignorance. The authorized person might have accessed their account and forgot to log out while leaving the station. Some third person can then take advantage of the situation and cause damage to the system. Sometimes you might leave your office open and your kid gets in and starts fumbling on your computer which might live wide open for attack without you knowing.


What to do in order to counter cyber security threats

Get Professional IT Help

Go for outsourced managed services or hire your own IT professionals to take care of the security-related issues. An outsourced service or the internal IT team will set up a complete system consisting of policies, hardware and software technologies to not only protect your database from cyber threats but also respond in time if you get attacked nonetheless. You can also listen to cybersecurity experts’ podcasts

Vet third Party Services

To run a business in today’s digital age, you have to subscribe to many platforms or applications as services. You want to be sure that you are picking an industry-recognized and reliable partner. They must have the right security measures taken to protect not only their system but every bit of information that goes on their cloud platform from your databases.

While the internet world is exciting, just like the real world there is evil lurking around the corner. So take cybersecurity measures today and protect you or your business from potential dangers.