Cydia Impactor is a perfectly designed tool for users to install IPA based applications into their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This has been introduced by well-known developer Jay Freeman. The particular operation that brings apps to the device through Cydia Impactor using IPA type packages call sideloading. Applications that come in IPA format offers advanced features than typical ones. So we can find out numerous third-party apps that Impactor supports to sideload with further features.


How to use Cydia Impactor?

There are two main methods of use Cydia Impactor in accordance with two-factor authentication. If you need to disable it as it may interfere app installation, you can follow the first method below. So the other method is how to install apps without disable 2FA.


Method 1

Disable 2FA and install apps

  • Download Cydia Impactor latest version from the official website (You can use Windows, Mac or Linux)
  • And then download the certain IPA file of the app that you wish to install
  • Launch Cydia Impactor
  • Connect iPhone to the computer using a proper USB cable
  • Make sure the device detection succeeded
  • Drag and drop the IPA file to the Cydia Impactor UI
  • Click OK and continue
  • And then enter your Apple ID login details
  • The process will begin and the app icon will set to the device Home screen at the end
  • Go to the Settings app > General > Profiles and Device Management
  • And then find out the certain app certification according to the installed app and tap Trust option


Method 2

Without disable 2FA

  • Go to your computer and search
  • There you have to enter specific login details and log into your account
  • There will be a notification for the user to go through 2FA steps
  • The account will load; you will see the notice about Two-Factor Authentication is enabled
  • Check the certain password that given
  • Tap it and continue the process
  • And then create the label using a similar name to the app that decides to install
  • Click Create
  • Copy the password when it will generate
  • And then go through the previous method till you have to enter Apple ID logins
  • You have to enter the ID and then the newly arranged password
  • Finally, follow each step of Method 1 after the app icon will display


Important facts to remember

  • You can arrange a phony Apple ID to enter to the Cydia Impactor if you cannot give your current login details
  • The app will expire once a week if the given Apple ID is free. Therefore, you have to sideload the app starting from the very first step of the procedure
  • Even paid Apple ID users too will have to renew the certificate yearly as it will expire within 12 months
  • It is important to download the latest iTunes version or update the account to the latest