So you want to view someone’s Instagram profile? Chances are that you want to check out what your crush is doing without them knowing. It could be a new face that you cannot get out of your mind and just want to see their pictures. It could either be a guy or girl whom you might have fallen in love with. An infatuation which could lead to you wanting to go through their Instagram profile.

Now, it is completely normal to want to look at someone’s social media. Besides, everyone likes to capture pictures of themselves having the time of their lives. It allows them to engage with their friends and followers. Instagram is one of the most used social network apps out there. Millions of people worldwide use Instagram every day to share their life and many of them are willing to buy instagram followers to increase their follower base.

Instagram allows everyone to share pictures. It allows people to either make their account public or private. A public account means that anyone can view it. However, when it comes to a private account, you cannot view the pictures unless the profile in question accepts your request. Thus, you might end up feeling sad that you cannot view that guy you have a crush on.

The reason why people have a private account is that they do not want unauthorized persons seeing their intimate pictures. So, if you cannot view their pictures, it means that you have not been accepted by them or maybe you do not want to send a request in the first place. Thus, it can be stressful not being able to see pictures of your crush on her trip to the Bahamas or South Asia. Private accounts have strict settings which make it difficult for outsiders to view the profile. The good news is that there is a way around this and this post will help you view the private Instagram profile.


Ask the Person Directly

The easiest way to view a private Instagram profile is by asking the person directly. It is hassle-free. The following steps will help you reach out to the person.

  • The best way to view someone’s Instagram profile is by sending them a follower request. There is no harm in sending a follower request. When you send the request, the person will be notified that you want to see his or her Instagram profile.
  • You can even send the person a private message to let them know just how you feel. Let him or her how much he or she means to you. Sometimes, if the person feels the same way, they might respond to your message and confess their feelings. Moreover, they can follow you back or send you a follow request. Make sure your profile is impressive enough for the person to take an interest.


Create a Fake ID

Another great way to view someone’s private Instagram profile is by creating a fake account. Although it might be against your ethics. But, desperate times call for desperate measures. The steps below should be followed so that you can view the person’s private Instagram profile.

  • Have a fake Instagram profile created which can be used. A girl’s photo should be made the display. You might be thinking why female but your chances of getting accepted by a guy/ girl is by creating an account that belongs to a girl.
  • Besides, most guys already have a public account and girls prefer to keep things private. So, she will be more likely to accept your request if she thinks that you are a female.
  • Make sure that the account looks real. Upload pictures of a girl who is real and not a celebrity. Or else, she will simply think that it is a fake spam account. Display the girl’s picture as the display picture and write an attractive bio. It will boost your chances of being approved.
  • Moreover, you can even make the account private so that your crush feels curious to follow you back and find out who you are.
  • Make all the basic uploads and set the settings before sending the follower request to your crush. Wait patiently for their reply.
  • If the person does not approve your request, you can send a private message with basic greetings to show courtesy.


Use Instagram Private Viewer

Finally, your last bet is using InstaPrivateViewer. Besides, if you do not want to follow the person, then InstaPrivateViewer is your only option. It is a powerful Instagram profile viewer tool that allows you to view Instagram profiles/ photos without following the person. There are various online tools to view private Instagram profiles, but InstaPrivateViewer is reliable.

It allows you to easily view Instagram profiles without having to worry about being accepted by the person. To unlock this tool, you need to visit the InstaPrivateViewer website. Click on the banner from any of the advertisers. The best thing about InstaPrivateViewer is that it is free. Yes, you read that right. The advertisers only help fund the costs of running this special platform. The following steps will help you use it.

  • The first thing you need to do is access the search engine on InstaPrivateViewer.
  • Next, enter the code generated by Activator at the specified field. The process helps ensure that robots do not use the system.
  • Once the code has been entered, the system will be validated for use.
  • Just enter the user name of the person you want to view. That is their @username.
  • Let the tool do what it is meant to do.
  • Use the generated link to view the profile anonymously and securely.



All the methods to view a private Instagram profile let you view your crush’s profile. However, InstaPrivateViewer is the only method that requires the least effort and offers the best result. It is hard to wait to view your special someone’s profile when you are love. Use InstaPrivateViewer to view their profile securely and anonymously.