If you’re over 50, you may have discovered that in many websites today, it’s kind of hard to find other people your age who share the same views, religious values, and life practices that you have. The online dating site is more tailored towards the younger crowd, but now there are more and more seniors getting on the internet more than ever. If you’re one of those fellow seniors or from the older generations, we’ve got some dating tips for 55+ women and men that can help you navigate on the most popular online senior dating platforms.


Take it Easy

You want to look for a site that helps you feel comfortable not only by how you feel talking to the other users, but also with features that are easy to see, read, and navigate. There are some websites out there that are loaded with additional features (especially for premium memberships which you can learn more here), but just because a dating site has more, it doesn’t make it easy to use. It can actually add to the difficulty and work needed in order to find that special someone.

Find a site on this list below that you’re comfortable with, and are able to use easily and quickly. If you were in your 20’s, it’d be more understandable to take all the time you want, but at your age, you deserved the right to simplicity, and most people over 55 want that feature more than anything, for both comfort and security reasons.


The Big List

Okay, so the list isn’t really humongous for the most popular and widely used senior dating sites out there, but there are a handful that are excellent for seniors more than the more common ones like Match.com and e-Harmony. While those sites are great for people of all ages, they aren’t specifically tailored for like-minded adults over 50.

  1. Senior Match – Seniormatch.com is one of the most popular dating sites for mature adults over 50. You can look for people to mingle with and get numerous free advice, like how to avoid being scammed and more. You have to verify your identity in order to become a member, and while it may be a pain, it’s necessary for your protection and security of privacy.
  2. Dating for Seniors – This website has people who are closer to the over 55 range, and it’s a great way to find fellow seniors to mingle with in your local area. It’s not meant to merely serve as a dating website, but just a way to really mingle and get that long-lost conversation and interaction you deserve and may not get. It doesn’t mean that love can’t blossom from this though!
  3. OurTime – This is a website that is one of the most advertised dating websites for seniors out there. You get to make a standard dating profile much like the old “video and audio” platforms that made their way into the 70’s and 80’s. They base your matches on a large survey you take. Unfortunately, since it has a few more features, this is one of those sites that we said isn’t as easy to navigate.



Whatever your itch, you know that even if you’re over 55 you’ve earned your right to scratch it. Therefore, checking out some of these websites and getting some interaction and attention that is well-deserved is still much better than none at all, right? People need to be able to communicate and that’s what these sites are excellent for. Love can blossom frequently from these websites as well, just don’t rush it.