Important questions to ask a dental marketing company

When looking for dental marketing companies, you’ll find no shortage of all kinds of dental marketing services.

How do you choose one? Should you hire a dental marketing consultant or a dental marketing agency? What questions should you ask before choosing one?

To these questions and some other important ones we’ll try to answer by the end of this article.

After finishing the last word on this page you’ll know:

  • What are the most important criterias after which you should choose a dental marketing company
  • What questions to ask before hiring an agency or a consultant
  • What should a dental marketing company offer you


Let’s not waste time anymore and dive right in!

What should you get out of dental marketing services?

When you hire someone to promote your office you should get one thing: more patients.

Not awareness. Not likes or shares. Not “visibility”, but patients. Because likes and shares don’t pay bills, right?

How do they get those patients? Well, it depends on the dental marketing in Australia, but here are some of the most efficient ones.

Dental Adwords

This is one of the fastest ways to get targeted traffic which means more patients. It takes under 1 hour to set up a campaign and run some dental ads on Google.


Facebook Ads

This is again a very fast way to reach more patients and promote your dental office. You can target people in your area.

The downside of this is that you won’t have such a highly targeted traffic.


Dental email marketing

This is a great way to keep in touch with visitors who aren’t ready to buy yet. This can prove very efficient for more expensive services like dental implants.

You can send them all kinds of case studies and additional information via email.


Dental SEO

This is a long term dental marketing strategy because SEO takes time. But once you rank in the first places in Google, you’ll basically promote your dental practice for free, 24/7.


Dental copywriting

This is crucial. No matter how many people land on your website, if the text or the content won’t convince them to schedule an appointment, you’ve wasted all your money.

A serious dental marketing company should have copywriting in their top dental marketing services.


What questions to ask a dental marketing company


1. What is their number one goal

If their dental marketing services are focused only on vanity metrics – likes, shares, visibility, brand awareness – run. You need a dental marketing company who has specific goals.

Here’s how a proper outline of a dental marketing strategy would look like:

Objective: 50 new patients per month

Secondary objectives:

  • Increase traffic by 250% in the first 3 months
  • Setup conversion tracking for each landing page
  • Increase conversion rate by 50% in the first 3 months

Main dental marketing channels:

  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Facebook Ads


Secondary dental marketing channels:

  • Email Marketing
  • Messenger Marketing

You see how this is much more effective and actionable than just: “Let’s raise brand awareness”?


2. Do they track results? How?

A lot of dental marketing companies promise vague results. This is why it’s important to ask how you as a dentist or as a dental office manager, how can you track results.

Online tools these days offer you a lot of ways to measure your results.

With Google Analytics for example you can check how many people visited your website, where did they come from and how many of these visitors actually ended up completing a form on your website.

Or with a Facebook Ads campaign you can track how many people ended up your patients.

Or with a tool like Hotjar you can check how visitors engage with your website.


3. What is their dental marketing strategy

You shouldn’t even consider working with a marketing company who doesn’t have a dental marketing strategy.

Anyone can come up with some dental marketing ideas, but they are effective only when they are put in place by a proper strategy.

Without a strategy, it’s like having some pieces of a puzzle but in a random order.


So the question you should ask the dental marketing consultant or the agency which will take care of your patient marketing is: “What is your plan? What are the next steps?”


What are the next steps ?

Write all these questions down. Once you are ready to hire someone, make sure you take this list with you and you tackle down all these aspects.

Remember, it is better to establish these things before hand than telling the agency or the consultant: “You know, I presumed you were also doing this and that”.

And of course, don’t forget to put all this in a written contract!