Humic acid is renowned for a number of health benefits and is really making waves in the wellness scene. Here is why:


  1. Improves Immune System Functioning And Gut Health


Fulvic acid and other types of humic acids contain various nutrients that help to improve a person’s gut health, including electrolytes, trace minerals, fatty acids, prebiotics, probiotics, and silica – an element used to boost collagen synthesis.  All of these nutrients assist in nourishing the digestive tract, which will also boost the ability of ‘good bacterium’ to develop and form healthy internal environments.  A person needs a strong digestive system to build a suitable immunity system, assist with hormone production control, regulate appetite, reduce their stress response, and many more aspects.


For several centuries, the ancient treatment known as ‘shilajit’, which contains approximately 50% to 60% fulvic acid, was used as part of traditional Ayurvedic medical practices treating various conditions including poor digestive and immune system problems.  This traditional medicine states that a poorly functioning gut is where many chronic health ailments form, which is why leaky gut syndrome is so detrimental.


As a consequence of gut permeability – the case where particles are able to escape the gut lining and enter the bloodstream – inflammation is triggered and auto-immune reactions will occur.  Evidence has found that consuming fulvic acid can assist in reducing digestive conditions with other issues, such as small intestine bacterial overgrowth, bacterial infections in the body, inflammatory bowel disorders, influenza or the common cold.


  1. Assists In Boosting Nutrient Absorption And Digestion


According to Humic Harvest acquiring a suitable number of electrolytes and other trace minerals is essential for efficient metabolic functioning, nutrient assimilation, and digestive health.  Organisms obtained from consumption of fulvic acid can be ingested in small doses and will still result in speedy, significant improvements in the bacteria within the digestive system.  The changes to the bacteria can help lower unwanted digestive symptoms, such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating, or allergic reactions to food.


In addition to providing raw nutrients, fulvic acid helps to transport trace minerals and other nutrients to cells in the body.  This increases the rate of nutrient absorption making the cells more permeable, as well as targeting inflammation within digestive organs.


A further benefit to using fulvic acid as a supplement item is that it restores the body’s natural pH level.  The acid prevents the emergence of an overly acidic bodily environment by alkalizing the body from the digestive system.  This can assist in preventing chronic illnesses from developing, and can improve the body’s defense against dangerous fungi, bacteria, yeast and harmful organisms.


  1. Protecting One’s Cognitive Health


According to a study in the 2011 edition of Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, fulvic acid presents with various nutraceutical properties and antioxidants, giving it the potential to protect a person from cognitive impairments.  One contributing factor to the development of cognitive diseases is damage to free radicals and a type of protein, known as tau; however, the studies indicate that fulvic acid use can reduce the length of the tau fibrils and their development.  It was also seen that the fulvic acid disassembled the tau protein, thus stopping the progression of cognitive disease.  As a result, researchers found that fulvic acid can provide insight into the development of natural treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.


  1. Improving Detoxification


Humic acids are considered advantageous for digestion and energy levels because of the detoxifying abilities.  As a natural chelation treatment, humic acids can bind to and break down metals or toxins entering the body via our food supply, prescription medications, water supply, air pollution, and even household products.


Within the environment, fulvic acid can be found in various natural settings including rocks and soil, as well as streams, ocean water, and lakes.  The complexes formed by humic acids are developed with ions that are found in the environment; thereby forming tight humic colloid binds that assist with agricultural processes, detoxification, and water filtering.  The appearance of phenolates and carboxylate in these humic acids offers them the means to act like natural chelators.  This means that they will form chemical complexes which are significant for regulating the availability of metal ions within the body or environmental setting.


According to scientific research, humic acids present with ion-selective electrodes that are used to attract heavy metals, as well as electrodes that could filter soil and water as they bind items like iron or water.  Evidence found that these electrodes are useful at the geochemical processing of soils and aquatic settings using a lower concentration level than other chemical formats.


  1. Reduces Inflammation And Damage Caused By Free Radicals


Free radicals are properties present in all people as they play a role in supplying energy, regulating bodily hormones, and fighting pathogens; however, the free radicals can also speed up the aging process resulting in formation of diseases.  The combination of too much exposure to environmental pollutants, harmful activities (smoking), low nutrient intake, eating processed foods and exposure to UV light has contributed to a problem including the rise of free radical damage.


Fulvic acid includes certain antioxidants that can counter the negative effects of free radicals; thereby, detoxifying the body of different toxins contributing to the problem.  It can also help extend the life of the body’s cells by adding electrolytes with various functions in the muscles, heart, digestive system, and brain.