Marketing has always been an important element for companies. Surprisingly, the essence of technology through digital marketing is changing marketing practices significantly. It is providing small businesses with a platform to market and promote to customers since making commercials is not a piece of cake. Hence, this shift from traditional to digital marketing is exposing some impeccable growth opportunities for businesses.

Usually, small businesses are skeptical about tackling technology, attracting customers, and boosting sales through it. Everything might seem like a jigsaw puzzle in the beginning, but soon you would learn to fit pieces together. So, are you wondering which strategy can work in your favor? Look below to explore different marketing elements that help a business to grow.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you know what a search engine is? In simple words, Google is the search engine in today’s world, a platform where users make searches to hunt for information. For businesses, it a marketing tool to become visible to the audiences by helping websites appear on the top results of the search engine results page (SERP). The search engine ranks the websites on their performance and adherence to the pre-set requirements.

Hence, the higher the rankings, the higher the position on SERP. However, managing the search engine and getting the hang of changing algorithms is not a piece of cake. At the same time, disobeying them can land you into hot water. Well, here are some tips to school you about the basics.

  • Even though you are using the search engine to promote your content, you cannot puff it up with keywords only. Google crawlers are smart enough to detect it very easily.
  • Focus on creating content about the whirling trends in the market and with the changing requirements of the search engine. For instance, – Google is ranking websites higher with visual content. Thus, some pictures and videos have to make their way to your website.
  • Similarly, create simple navigation tools for better user experience.

Besides, if you think this is not your cup of tea, then look for SEO for small business to buckle up your game. After all, there are no short cuts; you have to put in efforts and loads of efforts to climb the stairs of success.

Influencer Marketing

Have you seen bloggers and influencers promoting brands? Well, these days, people look up to these social influencers and take their word of mouth very seriously. This is the reason why marketers are using them to promote businesses. Some of them give reviews in-exchange of PR packages, while others with up to 100k or 200k followers charge for their word of mouth.

So, how about you also send PR packages? Imagine your brand would get exposed to thousands of audiences while positive reviews can get you hundreds of orders in no time. Some brands offer discounts if people order through these influencers, another way to encourage people to give a shot to your brand. Don’t worry, if you are offering services, you can invite them to enjoy free services in-exchange of their review on social platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Previously, social media was just a platform for entertainment, but now, Facebook and Instagram are two significant marketing platforms. Therefore, rather than putting your sole focus on physical store presence, social media presence is equally important these days. Believe it or not, but people make decisions based on your social media profile. Similarly, when heading over a restaurant, they check for reviews online.

Do you know what the best part is? It is offering two-way communication, allowing you to engage with customers. You can interact with them and get an insight into changing trends. It gives you the liberty to try new things out. You can create voting polls to see what customers like more or some quizzes to catch a sight of changing interests.

At the same time, you can easily get feedback through customers, opening doors to improvement.  Besides, it gives an opportunity to sell to overseas customers since everyone around the globe accesses social media. It can help you grow your business globally, increasing customers and sales.

Lead Magnets – Email Marketing

Lead magnets are a way to build your email list, essential for email marketing. Well, it requires a pinch of creativity and some overwhelming ideas. Focus on creating lead magnets that offer solutions to problems, something that people are looking for. Make them so appealing that users give their emails without any second thoughts. For instance – ‘sign up to get 5% on your first order’ or ‘download an eBook by signing up’.

The higher the number of signs up, the bigger your list for email marketing. Hence, it would allow you to slide into emails of the customer, giving them regular updates about special offers and promotions. Many companies use this to build stronger relationships with their audiences by personalizing messages, helping them grow.

Video Marketing 

Surprisingly, these days’ people are attracted to videos more than any other form of content. They like videos, engaging with them, and sharing these too. So, do not mind spending some time on creating videos. Come up with entertaining and interactive ideas for videos while delivering your brand message at the same time. Remember, people would only share videos if they find them appealing

Do you know what else? The search engine love videos, it is ranking websites higher with videos. Videos also increase transparency; people get the chance to learn more about your brand, building trust. Moreover, looking at the stats, videos tend to increase conversion rate by 64%, so it is not worth skipping.

If possible, think about starting your own YouTube channel and start creating video tutorials on something that goes along with the nature of your business. For instance, restaurants can make tutorials of recipes. Besides, you can also promote something useful. Perhaps, tips on social responsibility, sustaining the environment, or tips on rescuing animals.

Final Word

Honestly, the availability of so many marketing platforms is a great opportunity for businesses. Do not mind giving a shot to each one of them, but with proper expertise for promising growth. After all, managing these platforms is quite complex. Therefore, look at your budget and potential before you begin with marketing practices, and then enjoy the different marketing elements that can help a business grow.