While palladium entails its own perks, many people don’t recommend the metal for wedding bands. Since it’s a very uncommon metal, it becomes jewelers in the US to use it or engagement rings or wedding bands. It’s also very difficult to resize the metal. It’s difficult to find a concerned jeweler, who has expertise in resizing the piece after you purchase it.

Palladium is also considerably more expensive due to its huge demand and relatively low supply. It means its cost advantages that propelled it into the marketplace is no longer there.

  • If you compare it with platinum, the better choice will be platinum. Thanks to their unique tone, scratch-resistance and durability, palladium has become very a popular wedding band material over the last 20 years. You can Visit website of a reputable jewelry store that sells these pieces.
  • The precious metal has a silvery texture. Visually, it resembles platinum. Palladium is very hard. If palladium bands don’t deplete over time, they will develop an attractive, pleasant patina.

The perfection called palladium

Stunning and comfortable to wear, palladium is also very affordable. Its durability and strength make it ideal for guys that have active lifestyles. Its hypoallergenic properties make it perfect for men with metal allergies. They don’t cause any unpleasant skin conditions or irritation.

  • Although traditionally, you don’t associate palladium with wedding bands, people are now experimenting with the metal.
  • If you slip a premium wedding band on your precious ring finger. It’s not hard to discover and love the sophisticated and sleek metal.
  • Palladium shares the same family tree as platinum, resulting in the same naturally radiant white color.
  • What you need to remember is that it’s not as heavy or dense as platinum. That’s exactly why so many men find it more comfortable to wear.
  • However, due to it’s relatively less density, it’s also not that costly as platinum. It’s interesting to know that many men prefer palladium wedding bands to platinum wedding bands because they look similar to the platinum ones and are also very affordable.

The precious metal has more malleability than both platinum and gold. It’s easier to create intricate and unique designs with palladium. These qualities make the material the perfect choice for guys, who want a product that stands out and showcases their personal style.

Understanding platinum

Palladium and platinum develop rings over time. It’s called Patina. When both experience scratches, the metal shifts from one side to another side. The concerned movement gives a matte-finish texture and look over time.

However, it attains a very different appearance in white gold. If the white gold rings develop scratches, you’ll find that the metal will come off the band or ring. The ring doesn’t take much to develop scratches on the surface.

Most people have an excitement that their ring will develop and nurture a patina finish due to the beautiful appearance it creates. For the ones who don’t like the look or texture of patina, you can always repolish your palladium or platinum band.